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Raphael Nyon

Raphael Nyon

Raphael is one of our newer Hungarian models, and one of very few who actually prefers bottoming to topping.
He is a bit inconspicuous, down to earth and quite smiley. In the end he turned out to be one of the most reliable of our Hungarian models. He is open about his bisexuality and his main hobby is working on cars.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick size:19
Dick type:Average


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Raphael Nyon
Raphael Nyon


Our Happy New year boys for 2018 are Marcel Gassion and Raphael Nyon.  This is a shoot that was from the summer at the Castello KinkyAngelo and comes to us from the lens of Rick Day. 
For this shoot Rick made use of many of the outdoor spaces, and the boys always seem to be on the move from one spot to another.  While not an obvious pairing to make, we must say that they do look rather good together.
Marcel & Raphael
Raphael we think is the perfect combination of the features of Kris Evans and Jim Kerouac.  A perfect body.  A huge dick. A beautiful face.  We are pleased to be able to introduce him in this photosession and accompanying video.  As usual with new boys, we eagerly await to hear what you think of him.
Raphael Nyon