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Torsten Ullman

Torsten Ullman

Torsten is one of those rare boys who decided to select a stage name that he came up with by himself. He came to us more than 2 years ago but George decided to not release any scenes until now for fear that we would put in a lot of effort and then he would change his mind. As it turns out that didn’t happen, and by now all his friends know about his career with us and in fact as a result of his work for us, his demand as a hairdresser in a regional town in Czech republic has exploded (Torsten is fairly serious about become the best he can as a hairdresser). He is also flexible and very sexual with barely any inhibitions. Torsten has been a core performer of our ‘Musketeers’ team almost since it’s inception and by now mas a vast collection of first rate scenes online, as you can see from the listing below.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:19
Dick type:Average


Torsten, Jens & Olaf
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Nino & Torsten
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Torsten Ullman
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African Souvenirs - Part 3
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Water sports - BelAmi style
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Greek language lesson
Torsten has fallen in love
Afternoon quickie
Dancing on the beach
Roald and Torsten - Part 2
Hoyt's road wank
Roald and Torsten - Part 1
Smells like Pizza
Torsten Ullman
Marcel never drinks
Christian and Torsten
Johnny and Torsten
Torsten, Harris and Andrei - Part 2
Torsten, Harris and Andrei-Part 1
Torsten Ullman
Kris and Torsten - Part 2
Kris and Torsten - Part 1
Torsten Ullman


<p>This photosession is a little surprise for you all to start off the new year...and also introduce the sequel to `Summer Break` which we are calling `Summer Loves`.</p>
<p>In addition to getting the new Jambo Africa series, we will also be runninmg Summer loves for one week every month as well.</p>
<p>For today though we hope you enjoy our handsome new year trio, and look forwatrd to the rest of this week with a winter full of `Summer Loves`</p>
Hoyt ,Torsten & Nils
As we had a trio of twinks for you last week, we decided to bring you a quintet of Jocks this week. Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald are here being photographed by Joan Crisol.  Although it may look like they are taken in 2 different locations, the pictures all come from either the living room or the terrace of our studio here in Prague.
Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald
As our Summer Break image set`s come only every 2nd week, this is the penultimate set that we have for you. Two of our blond gods, Torsten Ulmann and newcomer Nils Tatum are in front of the camera for Rick Day today.
Both guys are at their physical peak here, tall and statuesque, and Rick Day fully utilizes all areas of the castle and gardens for this stunning set of images.
Torsten and Nils
As most of this week falls in February, we are happy to be able to start our Month of Romance with this photosession with 2 beautiful blonds, Harris and Torsten.
Although the guys had only a short overlapping period at BelAmi, we are very pleased that Eliot got the chance to pair them up and make this set of pictures and video for you.
Hearing that most of Eliot`s instructions here are in Hungarian lets us know that Torsten is a bit of a natural when it comes to being in front of the camera and automatically seems to know what to do at the right time.
Torsten and Harris
This is the partner photoshoot of the one we had with Hoyt last month.  Both were made for promotional purposes and covers and as such we had to film the solo video at the end afterwards.  Torsten seems to be quickly becoming a favorite for some of our fans, and who can blame them.  Tall, blond, athletic and hung we are certain to enjoy a lot more of him for a long time to come, starting this summer in our `Last Summer in Greece` special
Torsten Ullman
We have a full week of romance for you this week.  After breaking with tradition by not giving you a set of images on Monday, we will break it again today by providing them here.  This is not just a normal set of images though, some of them are from couples you may remember from times past, some are new pairings, some are DVD cover pictures or from advertisements that we never had the chance to present properly,  and some are just our personal favorite romantic pictures.
The thing that bind them is their portrayal of the love and affection between the boys of BelAmi.  Pic 11 is extra special in that it will be the cover of the 2017 `Freshmen` calendar, and you will remember #5 as the cover for `The Private Life of Josh Elliot' and #12 from `Todd and Dolph'.
Which of our boys today do you want to be your Valentine?
Valentine's Special
This is the start of a little Kinky Christmas trilogy.  This week and for the following 2 we have a series of photo sets of our new Kinky Angels.
This week it handsome and sexy Torsten that is in front of the camera.  Next week you will get Christian and then the week of Christmas, Helmut, Jerome and Hoyt!
Torsten Ullman