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Andy McAllister

Andy McAllister

With Andy McAllister it was a long wait, including our wait for him to finish his university…even though he may look like he has still not finished high school.
In any case he is bright and sensitive and fairly sexual. You will see 20+ videos with Andy coming in the next few years. Also don’t forget that the material was filmed over 3 years so you will get the very boyish and innocent version of Andy along with the more mature and the corresponding 2 very different hairstyles.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Brown
Dick size:16
Dick type:Average


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Andy McAllister
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Our model of the week this week is the cute and charming Andy McAllister.
Andy has a very playful innocence that is brought out perfectly by Eliot in this photoset.  No matter if he is sticking his tongue out at us, or lounging around on the sofa, everything about him here is pure sexiness.
Andy McAllister
First introduced at the end of 2014, last year we saw a little more of Andy over on KInkyAngels and now it is time to give him his first solo photoset here on BelAmiOnline (You have seen him here before together with Kevin Warhol).
This photoset is taken in our Budapest studio by Eliot, who does a great job of capturing the allure of this very attractive guy.
Andy McAllister
This is a photoset that we have been looking forward to showing you for some time, Kevin Warhol and Andy McAlister must be quite a handful to photograph when they are together.  Both of them have such easy and playful personalities, and look so good together that we decided to give you a few extra photos in this special `Model of the week` update.
Eliot certainly had his hands full with this pair and still managed to deliver pictures that are cute and sensual as well as playful and sexy.
Kevin and Andy