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Lars Norgaard

Lars Norgaard

Lars Norgaard is a name which may sound very exotic and Nordic and the boy coming with this name definitely looks also exotic and Nordic.  The truth however is much more mundane and Lars is a boy from a very small city in southern Hungary and comes with all the baggage and prejudices of any small town boy.  He is slightly metrosexual, slightly homophobic, and rightly suspects, to his alarm, that he may enjoy having sex with boys.  He also may have been one of the most difficult exercises ever in turning a boy into a porn star that we have ever had.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:19.5
Dick type:Thick


Joel & Lars part 2
Joel, Lars & Adam part 1
Lars Norgaard
Lars & Miguel
Jim and Lars
Lars and Kevin


We could not think of a better way to kick off our HUNGarian Summer special than with one of the most stunning Hungarians ever born, Lars Norgaard. His movie star good looks immediately brought him droves of fans and admirers both here on BelAmi and also on our social media accounts so we are very happy to have him back here as our model of the week.
Lars Norgaard
It is a week of contrasts here with our models of the week. Both boys are Hungarian, but physically, they could not get much more different. Lars in blond with an angelic countenance whereas Miguel has smoldering dark good looks.  Both do share fantastic bodies and handsome dicks. This photoset was taken during a trip to South Africa for us by resident photographer Eliot Klein.
Lars & Miguel
Lars Norgaard and Kevin Warhol share the distinction this month of being together on both BelAmiOnline and Freshmen.  This week we have their double photo shoot here and in a weeks time their scene together premieres over on Freshmen.
It seemed an obvious choice to pair Lars up with one of our most popular and experienced boys for this shoot and we thought that there could be no better choice than Kevin for the occasion.
Lars and Kevin
We`re hoping to shock you all a little bit today with our selection of action picturs.  While all of our friends over on Freshmen have been enjoying their introduction to Lars Norgaard we thought they you may all be thinking here `but what about us?`
The pictures have already given away the good news, so it is just up to me now to let you know that Lars` scene with Jim Kerouac is coming January 19.
Lars and Jim
We gave you a peek at this photoset over on a while back and have decided to bring you the extended selection here today.  You may be wondering why it is coming on a Friday and not the usual Monday, and here we have to confess that we don`t have a video to go along with these pictures, and therefore decided to put them here in our more `miscellaneous` spot.
P.S.  since so many of you are asking, this is not just a `one off` with Lars.
Lars Norgaard