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Yannick Modine

Yannick Modine

Yannick's story is a little more roundabout and entangled than is normal. He first appeared in front of our door exactly one year ago in September 2013. His training sessions were so wooden and he was so sexually inflexible that in the end we decided to pass on him. Some months later we realized that he had shot a few scenes for another Prague studio and had also tried escorting, neither of which was making him very happy. After 7 months he arrived back at our door, this time knowing exactly what he wanted, more flexible, experienced and relaxed.
Obviously he went through some very rough times, never speaks of his family or parents and is very determined to finish his education, which is his highest priority.

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Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue-Gray
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Yannick Modine
Yannick Modine
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<p>Yannick filmed only 7 scenes for us, all of which you can find on his profile page here, and this photo session wraps up his brief but entertaining run on BelAmiOnline.  Yannick is probably one of the blondest models we`ve had.  That paired with his good looks, fantastic body and sumptuous dick have always made his appearances here quite memorable.</p>
Yannick Modine