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Roald Ekberg

Roald Ekberg

Roald turned out to be an interesting experience.
For quite a long time I was really worried that he would get the same mixed reaction as Rick Lautner but he proved to be a sensual, flexible and reliable model and I gradually relaxed into shooting with him more and more often. By now he is a cornerstone of our new BelAmi model team. He is extremely sexual, loves bottoming and trying anything and everything new.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:17.5
Dick type:Average


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<p>Our pair of bombshell blonds today are Brian and Roald and we are joining them in Capetown for today`s photosession. Although we start off onside, it proved to be a little too cool and windy, so Eliot takes the guys to somewhere a little more comfortable before asking them to strip off.</p>
<p>Our boys are in peak physical condition here, Roald with his more lythe build, and Brian more muscled. Given the attraction between the 2, and the fact that they are almost getting into here, we hope the guys filmed them as a couple as well during the trip.</p>
Brian & Roald
<p>Whenever our Summer Break photo session are taken by Eliot we can be assured that he filmed a jerk off video to go along with it, and that is certainly the case today when we invited Roald back to Castello KinkyAngelo for this photo shoot.  Given the seclusion and privacy of the location we don`t have to worry about coming back inside when we are shooting at the chateau, so Johan suggest that we have Roald of the Jungle today (albeit a very manicured jungle). Although we do still have more of Roald waiting to be released, this photosession and the upcoming scene with Bastian are the last things that we filmed with him.</p>
Roald Ekberg
As we had a trio of twinks for you last week, we decided to bring you a quintet of Jocks this week. Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald are here being photographed by Joan Crisol.  Although it may look like they are taken in 2 different locations, the pictures all come from either the living room or the terrace of our studio here in Prague.
Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald
This will be the last of the Summer Break photo sessions that you get until the series resumes and we will be moving on to some Art Collection sets from our other guest photographers, so, here we are with 2 of our more athletic guys, Roald and Jeroen doing the rounds with Rick Day.
Roald & Jeroen
Roald Ekberg has never looked as beautiful as he does in today`s photosession.  With perfect smooth skin, a gleam in his eyes and a smile that would cheer up the world. Photographed by the talented Mr Klien in Budapest, Roald is our model of the week here for your viewing pleasure
Roald Ekberg
Today we have a pair of Nordic looking gods for you as models of the week.  Yuri Alpatow and Roald Ekberg.
You should be familiar with both guys already and Roald was one of the boys initially in Greece for our recent production trip.... at least until he crashed his motorcycle there and had to return home, just a little battered and bruised.
No worries here for today`s images as we present him in his peak condition.  This Art Collection set was taken for us by Dylan Rosser during Summer last year
Yuri and Roald
There is something for everyone in today`s selection of action pictures.  First up we have Jim Kerouac and Johnny Bloom and then as a special treat, newcomer Roald Ekberg and Adam Archuleta rounding out the selection.  Both videos coming soon on BelAmiOnline.
Adam, Roald, Johnny and Jim