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Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad

The staying power of Tony (who came here together with Ramon Macchio) seems to be much stronger. I believe that besides his boyish good looks and sexual prowess, his biggest asset is his character. He is happy, friendly, optimistic and generally positive even in difficult situations. He is fairly intelligent, finishing his high school education this year and generally prefers certainty over adventure.
His first appearance was on the website Czech Hunter and as he has said, he is very sorry that he did it, but at the same time is happy that it led to his job at BelAmi. Sexually he is flexible, although he prefers to be bottom as he finds it more comforting. We were impressed enough with Tony to extend his initial contract several time and he became a very reliable performer for several years.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:17.5


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Tony has been one of our regular guest stars for quite a while, so we are happy this week to be able to show you this photo set.
During the first half of this year we have a few great scenes with Tony to share with you, including ones with Jamie Durrell, Zac DeHaan and Ariel Vanean
Tony Conrad