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Jamie Durrell

Jamie Durrell

Jaime’s father wanted him to become a hockey player. Jaime’s ideas about his future however were rather different.
He got our telephone number from a friend who did a casting with us several years earlier, and so he called and said that he wanted to film porn.
We invited him for an interview and he arrived with a big suitcase, moved into Kevin’s room and stayed for 3 months. In those 3 months he got plenty of personal attention from Kevin and has turned into a good friend and great model. Jamie’s time at BelAmi has sometimes been a bit tempestuous, depending on his mood and if he was currently in a relationship and the quality of his work followed those moods as well. At his best, Jamie is a stunning performer as you can see from customer reactions to the scenes listed below and also on

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick size:19
Dick type:Thick


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Jamie Durrell
Jamie Durrell


<p>We have a cuteness and sexiness overload for you this week as we pair up Jamie and Ayden to share the glory of being joint models of the week. This set of pictures was taken during our Summer Loves production at our Chateau (I know, it`s not really ours, but we are there so often it is like our 2nd home). Set amongst the lush gardens, this is definitely a must for all the romantics amongst you.</p>
Jamie & Ayden
<p>Both of these guys are likely to light a flame in the libido of many. Super sexy and always fun to be around, Jamie and Joaquin are joining forces today for our art collection special here on BelAmiOnline. Our team decided not to use any distracting backgrounds of props here and just rely on the natural assets of the boys to do all the work themselves.</p>
Jamie & Joaquin
Most of you will recognize from the first moments of this video that we are back in Budapest today for this photo set of Jamie Durrell. We originally had this scheduled 2 weeks ago, but then found out that it clashed with Jamie`s appearance on Freshmen in our BootCamp series (we are running that series strictly chronolocally) so we decided to move Jamie here. 
Jaimie appears to be in an exceptionally good mood as Johan asks him a few questions before the shoot and his exuberance continues as Eliot gets down to the serious business of taking these pics for you.  Just as cute, and almost as youthful as the day he started, Jamie is always a joy to look at and we hope you enjoy him as our model of the week.
Jamie Durrell
This week we have a pair of boys as our Models of the week.  Kevin Warhol and Jamie Durrell, (our 2 most popular boys on belamichat at the moment) are in front of the camera this week in one of our sexiest couple photoshoots.
Proving he still has what it takes behind the lens of a still camera, our photographer for this treat is Marty Stevens.
Jamie and Kevin
So far we have not seen all that much of young Jamie Durrell over here on BelAmiOnline, but we will soon start adding to his collection of hardcore material, starting as early as next month in a 3way with Jeff and Scott.
This is Jamie`s first photoset for us here and was taken by Luke Hamill in our Prague studio.
Jamie Durrell
To keep the heat up after Christmas we have a preview selection of pictures from an upcoming scene with 2 of our favorite twinks.  Jaime Durrell and Dylan Maguire
Dylan and Jamie