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Jordan Faris

Jordan Faris

We have 2 sets of shoots with Jordan. The first period started a couple years back when we shot with him extensively but then he decided to try and open his own café… Business then meant that he was unavailable a lot of the time, but now he is back in the fold and filming full speed again. He is smiley, good natured and fits perfectly into KinkyAngels (Freshmen) team.

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Dick size:18
Dick type:Average


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Jordan Faris


<p>To start off our Sex Safari this week we have a little bit of an intellectual photoshoot. Actually, it just involves books, which is about as `intellectual` as we get today. Normally we give our photographer and his models some privacy and quite in order to be able to work, but today is anything but. For starters we have quite a heated discussion between Adam and Justin on who has the better exercise routine. Adam has hit the gym pretty seriously, and Justin downloaded a 7 minute workout app on his phone, and neither is willing to give an inch in defence of their own workout. To make things even crazier, Peter Annaud turns up of the set and distracts the guys by offering to let them fuck him! Poor Benno, it is amazing that he can get anything done at times, but still he always manages to create some magical images for us!</p>
Jordan & Justin
This week we have an outstanding set of pictures for you of Jordan Faris taken by our own Eliot Klien. Jordan made his debut on BelAmiOnline back in 2013 and has been appearing regularly since then both here and on Freshmen. Jordan will be back with us again during season 2 of `Jambo Africa`.
Jordan Farris
The eyes definitely have it in this weeks photosession will Billy Montague (with his bedroom eyes) and Jordan Faris (and his puppy dog eyes).
There is a very easy camaraderie between both guys as Eliot puts them through their paces in South Africa.  This is the final of our couples photo session for our month of romance special and next week we have newcomer Patrick Rogan for you.
Jordan and Billy
Billy and Jordan are 2 models that have a great rapport, so it was an easy choice to put them together for this couple photo set.  In amongst the laughs and the fun though Eliot had quite a few chances to get some really great pictures for us today (even if his attempt at creating a `rainforest` were a little weak).
Jordan and Billy
We have a full week of romance for you this week.  After breaking with tradition by not giving you a set of images on Monday, we will break it again today by providing them here.  This is not just a normal set of images though, some of them are from couples you may remember from times past, some are new pairings, some are DVD cover pictures or from advertisements that we never had the chance to present properly,  and some are just our personal favorite romantic pictures.
The thing that bind them is their portrayal of the love and affection between the boys of BelAmi.  Pic 11 is extra special in that it will be the cover of the 2017 `Freshmen` calendar, and you will remember #5 as the cover for `The Private Life of Josh Elliot' and #12 from `Todd and Dolph'.
Which of our boys today do you want to be your Valentine?
Valentine's Special
We first introduced you to Jordan back in October last year with his casting video.
Jordan impressed you with his big dick, smile and his personality so we decided to invite him back for this photosession.
We hope you enjoy him as much this time around as you did the first time.
Jordan Faris