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Phil Affleck

Phil Affleck

I know that most of you crave to see more of Phil Affleck.
Here however I have to disappoint you for the time being as so far, we have not managed to come to an agreement. Phil is a small town Hungarian boy with the charm, looks, radiant personality and dick which easily rivals Dolph, Kris or Mick. The biggest obstacle for him working more with us is his girlfriend who always asks the now classic question ‘but what will the neighbors say about this?’
Since Phil has the same qualities as our biggest stars we even offered him the same salary, but in the end, this gem of a man is sitting in a concrete apartment block earning the same salary in 1 month that he could get with just 1/10th of one scene.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick size:18
Dick type:Average


Phil Affleck
Phil Affleck


Today we all get lucky, on top of our little Valentines message, we are also treated to this photoset of Phil Affleck.  As we have been going through our image archive, we came across several sets that for one reason or another, don`t have a video to go along with them.  There will be a few others coming this year, but we decided on the sweet and charming Phil for today.
Phil Affleck
We`ve been showing a little of Phil for a while now in our page banner here on BelAmiOnline, and here we have his full photoset for you.Since Phil is such a stunner, we have included a few more images than normal in this set.Tall, dark and handsome: What more could you ask for?Oh, he has that too.
Phil Affleck