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Brian Jovovich

Brian Jovovich

Brian comes to us from the North Moravian region, which to our American customers would appear very similar to Pittsburgh, full of steel mills and factories. Maybe this is the reason that Brian likes to spend a lot of time outdoors in nature. One of his favorite pastimes is fishing.
Currently he is a personal trainer and nutritionist, although we find it quite funny to have a nutritionist who never eats any vegetables, only ever meat and rice…. However the results are obviously very good.
From a young age, he was always very well organized, reliable, calm and with a pleasant sense of humor.
We asked Luke what he had to add to this little biography and his commentary was: He rarely drinks and never does drugs and is usually pretty silent, although whenever he does drink there is a ‘house full of him’ whatever Luke means by this…

Model Rating

Dick type:Thick
Eye color:Blue-Gray
Dick size:18
Hair color:Light Brown


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Brian Jovovich


<p>It`s a hot and steamy day today as we join Benno, Brian, Dario, and a helicopter for this special Art Collection photoshoot. Not only are the boys breaking a sweat here, but even the poor photographer is having trouble standing out in this unusually hot, Budapest day. The location is, of course, at Rocco`s house that we used for quite a bit of shooting and although the set is now quite a few years old, features both of our guys at their physical best.</p>
Brian & Dario
<p>Our pair of bombshell blonds today are Brian and Roald and we are joining them in Capetown for today`s photosession. Although we start off onside, it proved to be a little too cool and windy, so Eliot takes the guys to somewhere a little more comfortable before asking them to strip off.</p>
<p>Our boys are in peak physical condition here, Roald with his more lythe build, and Brian more muscled. Given the attraction between the 2, and the fact that they are almost getting into here, we hope the guys filmed them as a couple as well during the trip.</p>
Brian & Roald
<p>If there was ever a quintessential jock couple you would have to look no further than Brian and Zac. They are with us today as part of our Sex Safari series and being photographed by Marty Stevens. Marty started out mainly as a still photographer before moving on to become our lead director mor many years, but on occassion he still like to pick up his camera and see if he still has it. Judging by the results here, taking pictures must be a bit like riding a bike, once you learn how, you never forget. It certainly doesn`t hurt when your models are as sexy as these 2!</p>
Zac & Brian
We are back in Cape Town for today`s photo shoot with Brian Jovovich and it`s time to get him all wet.
Brian is always a very sexy guy, but just add a little water and things get extra special.  As this is an `Art Collection` set, we have a few less images than normal, but extra time is spent at every stage in presenting our photographers vision for the shoot and this set particularly highlights everything that we love about Brian.
Our photographer today is Dylan Rosser.
Brian Jovovich
Next month you will get to see this flipflop scene between Christian and Brian.  As a bit of a warm up we are giving you our action picture set today.
Christian & Brian
Today`s action picture selection comes from a lusty 3way scene coming your way in December.
Adam Archuleta teams up here with Brian Jovovich and Tim Campbell.
Adam, Brian and Tim
Todays action pictures are from an upcoming scene with Marc Ruffalo and Brian Jovovich.  Both guys are amongst the favorite models from our newest generation and we look forward to also showing you the video from this scene in the coming months.
Marc and Brian
Today`s action pics are from a couple of scenes coming your way in the near future.
You fell in love with Rhys and his performance in our recent scene featuring Jean-Daniel, on the 31st of next month you will get the change to fall in love with him all over again in this scene with Adam Archuleta.
Our other featured scene plays at the end of August, featuring 2 more of our newer guys, talented bottom, Milan Sharp together with sexy Brian Jovovich
Rhys, Adam, Brian and Milan
Brian is a lean and sporty man with intense blue eyes and an impressive dick.This set of pictures was taken a little while ago in Hungary.Brian originally had done some scenes for Mr Higgins before he came to us and tried out.  He is now on a contract with us for a while
Brian Jovovich