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Dylan Maguire

Dylan Maguire

Dylan’s path to BelAmi was a long and winding one, to be brief however…
When Phillipe Gaudin brought us Rhys Jagger for his first interview, Rhys thought the 3 hour drive to the studio would be to tedious and boring by himself, so he brought along Dylan as a companion and travelling chatterbox. Once they arrived for the casting, GD decided also to interview Dylan, as both boys were there and had the time to spare.
As much as Rhys was classic ally beautiful, George felt something lustful, even lascivious in Dylan, so he invited him back again for a training session, and it proved to be one of those trainings where the trainee ends up training the trainer. The result so far is 16 very intense scenes with other BelAmi models.
As a side note, he is the total opposite of Brian Jovovich. Unruly. Undisciplined. Whenever he makes any money he is able to spend it all before even reaching the train station for the trip home. He gets into the occasional fight also with policemen, so we’ve instructed the production crews to film as much as they with him before he ends up in custody somewhere!

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:18


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Dylan Maguire


<p>Altogether Jim and Dylan have about half a dozen scenes together, most of them being double day specials. Whenever they are together there is something magical happens and the sparks start to fly. Today`s update is not a sex scene but rather a photosession, but we still expect it to be full of the usual exuberance and energy that is the trademark of both of these guys.</p>
Jim & Dylan
We will soon be releasing a new movie called `The Unstoppable Dylan Maguire` as a nod to the irrepressible personality of Dylan.
Crazy, sexy and funny Dylan`s personality is so dominant that we can almost overlook his physical charms as well.  Even though he is a little bit tubby here in this set of pictures they capture perfectly the allure of Dylan and the invitation to a good time that is there in his eyes.
Dylan Maguire
To keep the heat up after Christmas we have a preview selection of pictures from an upcoming scene with 2 of our favorite twinks.  Jaime Durrell and Dylan Maguire
Dylan and Jamie
Time for a little picture preview of what is coming our way.Our high-res hardcore pictures this week are of an upcoming scene with Jim and Arne and Marcel and Dylan (You saw them both bottoming in our 4way episode from Fucking Kris, now you get to see the follow on where Dylan fucks Marcel)
Jim and Arne, Marcel and Dylan
It`s about 2 weeks now until we show you scenes 3 and 4 from the Fucking Kris series so we thought we would give you another little taste of what you may expect to find in the scenes...
Kris, Kevin, Marcel, Dylan
These photos were taken during the filming of Dylan and Dario`s scene together.
If Dylan needed instruction on the fine art of flip-flopping he would be hard-pressed to find a better teacher than Dario!
Dylan and Dario