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Hoyt Kogan

Hoyt Kogan

Hoyt at this point in time is 23 years old, a native of northern Moravia. As it happens occasionally we inherited Hoyt from William Higgins. He came to us about 25 pounds heavier than he is now, but George insisted on him shedding a little bit of his baby fat and his efforts resulted in the fashion model good looks that you see today. Because of this our boys gave him the nickname ‘Gucci’ (also because he is very fond of the label). Although when he started Hoyt always seemed a little detached, over his time at BelAmi he has become warmer and more intimate with his partners. As we expected, Hoyt has also developed into a true BelAmi superstar, a truly versatile performer he particularly excels at being a top.

Model Rating

Dick size:17.5
Hair color:Light Brown
Dick type:Average
Eye color:Blue-Green


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Hoyt Kogan
Hoyt Kogan


<p>What better way to kick off the new year than with our Three Muskateers reunited for this Art Collection special.</p>
<p> </p>
Helmut, Jerome & Hoyt
<p>Other than having an amazing pair of models to bring you this week, we also have an amazing cumshot to go with the video on Wednesday from young pup Freddy Perin. His partner here today is none other than Hoyt Kogan, so maybe Frederick was so turned on it double his normal ejaculation force!</p>
<p>This is the latest of our art collections from Summer Loves and we hope you enjoy this dynamic duo</p>
Hoyt & Frederick
<p>We have a special art collection for you this Christmas straight from the nimble hands of Benno Thoma. This set is personally chosen by Benno from his work over the past couple of years, you may have already seen some of the collections these pictures come from, but if you haven`t rest assured they will be coming our way in the future. We hope we have covered most of your favourites here!</p>
Benno's Art Selection
<p>This photosession is a little surprise for you all to start off the new year...and also introduce the sequel to `Summer Break` which we are calling `Summer Loves`.</p>
<p>In addition to getting the new Jambo Africa series, we will also be runninmg Summer loves for one week every month as well.</p>
<p>For today though we hope you enjoy our handsome new year trio, and look forwatrd to the rest of this week with a winter full of `Summer Loves`</p>
Hoyt ,Torsten & Nils
So we have finished another week of Jambo Africa and it is time to give you a little look at what is coming next.
Jambo Africa Preview
It is Jambo Africa week again on BelAmiOnline and we have no less than 4 guys to bring you in the photosession today.  Hoyt, Helmut, Jerome and Christian.  While the pictures are stunning, it is the documentary that shows how close these boys have become over their time working with BelAmi.  Benno Thoma is our photographer today and he is assisted by Eliot Klien on video camera.
Helmut, Jerome, Hoyt & Christian
During our stay in Colombia we asked Benno Thoma to follow the boys around during the day and try and capture the flavor of the country and some more genuine moments for their stay there.  This is our first installment of Benno`s pictures and more will be coming every 2nd month.
Colombian Tapas preview
To wrap up our first week of Jambo Africa we have put together this special gallery for you of what is coming next month, ranging from the photo session all the way through to the Saturday scene.
Jambo Africa Preview
It`s Christmas and everyone deserves an extra special gift under their tree.  For us this year it is this special collection of images taken by acclaimed photographer Greg Gorman.
For a couple of years now, Hoyr has been working with Greg, modelling for him during his photography workshops.  Greg is an American portrait photographer of Hollywood celebrities and his work has been on the covers of Time, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, GQ and many others.
As always, Hoyt is stunning and we are pleased to present this selection of Greg`s images.  Some of the images you see here are included in his latest book `Private Works`.
Hoyt Kogan
So today we have for you a couple photo session.  The irreplaceable Hoyt Kogan together with new guy Thierry Doré.  For the butt lovers amongst you, we have tried to include as many shots as we could of these double mounds heaven, but  there are many more attributes to these guys that make them simply a beautiful couple. 
We paired them up specifically as they look quite similar and at times could even pass for brothers.
Hoyt and Thierry
After an absence of a few weeks, we have another action picture update for you today.  They are from an upcoming scene with Christian Lundgren and Hoyt Kogan.  We have got the message that you all seem to be fans of `Gucci` and are quickly learning that Christian is working very hard to convert as many of you into his fans as well.
Recently Christian moved in with Hoyt and Jerome into their apartment here in Prague.  It didn`t take him long to settle in and the bond that the other 3 boys share seems to be engulfing his now as well.  It all bodes well for seeing a lot more of him in the future.
Hoyt and Christian
Hoyt is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men ever, and I`m sure we are all very grateful to have him as a BelAmi exclusive.
Today`s photoshoot is a little different than normal.  This was taken as a `cover shoot`, so there is not the normal pictures of him clothed at the beginning of the set, and the poses are all very classical. We had planned to extend it to a regular shoot, but then the weather turned bad and we were not able to finish it there.
The pictures were taken in Greece and the solo video was filmed very recently in Africa and Luke thinks it is one of the best solo videos he has ever filmed.
Hoyt Kogan
We have a full week of romance for you this week.  After breaking with tradition by not giving you a set of images on Monday, we will break it again today by providing them here.  This is not just a normal set of images though, some of them are from couples you may remember from times past, some are new pairings, some are DVD cover pictures or from advertisements that we never had the chance to present properly,  and some are just our personal favorite romantic pictures.
The thing that bind them is their portrayal of the love and affection between the boys of BelAmi.  Pic 11 is extra special in that it will be the cover of the 2017 `Freshmen` calendar, and you will remember #5 as the cover for `The Private Life of Josh Elliot' and #12 from `Todd and Dolph'.
Which of our boys today do you want to be your Valentine?
Valentine's Special
It happens sometimes that our cameramen don`t take enough pictures to make what we think is an `adequate amount` of images to show you in these little visual previews.  In cases like that we take the easy way out and just give you more than one scene at the same time.  Today we get 2 dark and brooding beauties in Kris and Andrei along with a fabulous 3some of Hoyt, Vadim and Johnny.
Hoyt, Vadim, Johnny, Andrei and Kris
Christmas is almost upon us so we have decided to celebrate all week, starting with our model of the week and give you not 1 boy, but all 3 of our hottest rising stars.  These Three boys form the core of our new KinkyAngels team, and together with Christian and Torsten (who you saw in the previous 2 weeks) will be seen much more on KinkyAngels during 2016.
Hoyt, Jerome and Helmut
Next week marks the official start of `Scandal in the Vatican 2` with Joel`s seminal solo. So, this week we thought we would replace our normal photosession and model of the week with a selection of the still images taken for the movie. Since there is so much to cover we decided to break it up into 2 parts for you. With stills from the first half of the movie on Monday and the concluding half Wednesday.  It shouldn’t be hard to guess whether Kevin gets his guardsman or not.... but the attempt is certainly entertaining.
Scandal in the Vatican: Photos preview 2
Hoyt Kogan is one of those guys where we don`t always need to explain why we find him so attractive.  With supermodel good looks and a body to die for we are sure he is going to go places within BelAmi and KinkyAngels and also in life.
Over the next couple of years you will be seeing a lot more of Hoyt.
Hoyt Kogan
We have Kris Evans back in another couples photoset today, this time with KinkyAngels star Hoyt Kogan.
Hoyt is one of the boys that is perfect for both KinkyAngels and BelAmiOnline and although we will be seeing him mostly on KinkyAngels to begin with, there will still be quite a few chances for him to make appearances here on BelAmiOnline as well.
Since Hoyt started with us his content falls into 3 different categories.  The 1st we call his `chunky` period.  This was when he first came to us and was still working for another studio as well and was a lot larger and chunkier and had a shaved head.  The second period we call his `chubby` period and this was while he was still getting into shape, but was carrying maybe an extra 10 lbs.  The 3rd period is as you have already seen him on KinkyAngels, groomed, toned and with a certain supermodel look about him.
This photo session is from his 2nd period.
Hoyt and Kris
You first met Hoyt in July 2013 when we presented his casting for you.  His first photo shoot followed soon after that in September and he also made his premiere in the Anniversary Orgy.Since then Hoyt has been busy filming and was with us for our last sojourn in South Africa where we also shot the promotional images and video for `Addicted` underwear..
What we have here for you today is his 2nd photoshoot with us and was shot at Rocco Siffredi`s house in Budapest
Hoyt Kogan
Back in July we showed you the casting video of Hoyt.  Since then George decided that we would work some more with him, and this is his first photosession.Hoyt is tall athletic boy with an engaging personality and quite a personal presence, in fact, he drew quite a following at our recent 20th anniversary gathering in Prague.
Hoyt Kogan