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Dennis Mikkelsen

Dennis Mikkelsen

Those of you who’ve already seen Dennis’s first scene will know the story already. Dennis shot only one scene for us, with the possibility of making future appearances. But Dennis came to us between phases. He originally started by shooting hetero porn, but this was followed by a period where he couldn’t find any additional work. Unloved and unwanted (or at least he thought he was), Dennis decided that he would try his hand at gay porn and, apparently, we were among the last in Prague to get him. However, his timing was bad: I was on a three-month holiday. Since we didn’t shoot with Dennis for three months, he moved on and we missed the boat. He received an offer for an exclusive contract with a hetero studio. I doubt that we’ll ever see him again because his ambition was to get behind the camera and learn more. We’d love to have him back because he was handy and would have been a boon to our film crew. Dennis had an attribute that I rarely see among models. He went into the business with the aim to become a porno star and behaved accordingly. This was his ambition. And because this was his chosen career – to be a model and then move up in the ranks – he was goal oriented and professional.

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