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Rhys Jagger

Rhys Jagger

Rhys Jagger first came to us in the summer of 2011 and we made a photo session with us. He was brought into our office first by Phillipe Gaudin as they were friends from the same hometown.
We wanted to take him with us to Cape Town in 2011/12 but at the time he didn't want to shoot porn, and continued not wanting to for another 18 months, so we missed out on his 'young and crunchy' period. He finally came to us in late 2012 and started shooting in earnest in 2013, although by then 2 years older he still had his charming smile and personality which made it worthwhile in the first place.
For a while, Rhys spent most of his time living in London, but now is a full time employee in our Bratislava offices.
You may remember when we first showed him to you we mentioned that when he came for his casting he brought a friend to keep him company during the 5 hour drive. That friend was Dylan Maguire who on the spot also decided to do a casting and also went on to make quite an impression with all BelAmi fans.

Model Rating

Hair color:Dark Brown
Eye color:Blue-Gray
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:18


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Rhys Jagger


<p>It is a rare treat to have 2 such sexy and charming guys come along and help start the week off in the right way. It has often been said that Rhys and Julien could be cousins and this photoshoot also illustrates that very well. Both guys have a simlar physique, full and luscious lips and charm that could seduce anyone. Even though they are from different countries their hometowns are not that far apart, just across the Slovak/Hungarian border, so maybe there is something more than just uncanny similarity going on here with these 2.</p>
Rhys Jagger & Julien Hussey
Kris Evans is back as our featured model of the week in this Art Collection photosession with Rhys Jagger taken for us by guest photographer Dylan Rosser in Cape Town
Kris fans will be pleased to note that this photo set will be followed up by another Kris scene later in the year where Kris is fucking Jeroen Mondrian.
Kris & Rhys
As we had a trio of twinks for you last week, we decided to bring you a quintet of Jocks this week. Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald are here being photographed by Joan Crisol.  Although it may look like they are taken in 2 different locations, the pictures all come from either the living room or the terrace of our studio here in Prague.
Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald
For the Christmas week we wanted to choose a special couple to be model of the week. In the end we settled on a photoset from the Castello featuring to dark haired beauties, Rhys and Andre. Judging by your comments on the preview it seems that we made the right choice.
Rhys & Andre
For those of you who are DVD customers, this scene will already seem familiar as it is on our DVD `Goodbye Kisses`. The rest of us still have to wait a little longer for the scene itself
For now those please enjoy our selection of photographs taken during the filming of this scene with Mick and Rhys.
Mick and Rhys
If I could choose 1 blond and one dark haired guy to fuck in a `dream scene`  it would definitely be Rhys and Harris.  Luckily GD is one step ahead and already has the scene in the can.  Today we have a little preview of the still images from this scene to whet your appetite!
Rhys and Harris
It`s the time of the week again for a sneak peek at one of the scenes that is coming our way soon.  This week it is with Rhys Jagger and Andrei Karenin with a set of high res pictures taken during the shoot.
Rhys and Andrei
Today you have a sneak peak at what is coming up in the finale of the Fucking Kris Series.  Here he is with Rhys Jagger.Look out on the 24th and 25th of December for the full scene here on BelAmiOnline
Kris and Rhys
Our August preview featured a photo-session of Rhys and Hoyt Kogan.  This last-minute substitution to Rhys with Kris was made as a `warm up` to Kris’ bottoming for Rhys next month.
Because these two make quite the couple, there are other photo-sets featuring this pair.  However, this set is the first and it was photographed in late 2012 in Hungary by Eliot Klein. We hope this whets your appetite till you get to see both guys in action at the end of September!
Kris and Rhys
Today`s action pics are from a couple of scenes coming your way in the near future.
You fell in love with Rhys and his performance in our recent scene featuring Jean-Daniel, on the 31st of next month you will get the change to fall in love with him all over again in this scene with Adam Archuleta.
Our other featured scene plays at the end of August, featuring 2 more of our newer guys, talented bottom, Milan Sharp together with sexy Brian Jovovich
Rhys, Adam, Brian and Milan
Our featured new model this month is Rhys Jagger.  You met him first in his casting video in July last year
This photoset was made for us by Eliot Klein, but unlike a normal photosession we won`t be giving you the accompanying video on Wednesday (It`s gone missing out of Eliot`s archive), but instead we have brought forward his interview and solo.
Later in the month we will feature Rhys in a scene with Jean-Daniel and then over the coming months in a couple more scenes with Hoyt Kogan and Adam Archuleta
Rhys Jagger