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Rick Lautner

Rick Lautner

We were worried about Rick at the start. Not to suggest that he’s the source of our troubles. Rick is great and a reliable model, but his casting session was met with mixed reviews. As sometimes happens the attraction has grown between our fans abd Rick, and he even now has his own Rick’s X-Factor thread in our forum. Rick is a smart guy and comes from a relatively affluent family. He studied English literature at university, which also means that his English is, on the whole, quite fluent. I have to admit that his motivation to shoot Bel Ami was never 100% clear to me. Obviously, most boys need to earn some money, but Rick could have asked his parents for support. Instead, he decided to work for us. And I certainly consider him an asset. So far, he’s primarily been a Top and I’m looking forward to seeing his rating rise in the future. Rick arrived with his soccer buddy, Jacob Salinger. When Jacob, who I thought would be an excellent addition to our Kinky Angels series, fell in love after five episodes and left, Rick stayed behind. While they were both still at Bel Ami, they lived together. So, you’ll also see all five of the episodes we shot with Jacob as well.

Model Rating

Dick type:Average
Eye color:Gray
Dick size:17
Hair color:Blond


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Rick Lautner


Friday brings us a new set of action pictures this week, this time with Rick Lautner and Andrei Karenin.
This is one of the first sets taken with new cameras we have that combine video and still cameras in the one machine.  This allows the cameraman to swap between taking stills and shooting video without changing equipment, and we hope resulting in a more natural feel to the photos.  Before the guys had to go through everything twice, once for the video, then again for the photos.
The scene will be coming your way in the middle of next month (for all of you who were impatient about the time frame between the pictures and seeing the actual clip)
Rick and Andrei
We have already learnt quite a bit about Rick in his interview last week, so this week we put him through his paces in front of the camera.
Rick Lautner