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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell

Tim comes from a breed of models that straddles categories – he was neither fully Kinky Angel material, nor is he the archetypal Bel Ami model. For lack of a better grouping, I say he falls primarily into the “boy next door” category. His slightly hairy chest disqualifies him from being a full-fledged Kinky Angel, However, he doesn’t fall into the classic Bel Ami pattern because he isn’t entirely athletic. So, we ended up using him in both. He’s a model that I selected not because of the size of his cock, but based on his charisma and strength of character. He is eternally cheerful and, unfortunately, sometimes extremely so. His inquisitive nature outgrows its usefulness when it gets in the way of his focus on the shoot. His penchant for perpetually moving around or discovering the wisdom of the world distracts him from the task at hand – i.e. the shoot.

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:17.5
Hair color:Brown


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Tim Campbell


It all starts off very well with Tim`s attempt at English at the beginning of this week`s photo session, but it soon proves to be too much for him and he swaps back to Czech.  Our shoot today is from Africa and is by Eliot Klien. Tim is one of the boys who have an overabundance of personality and who almost always is in a good mood, taking on the role of the class joker to entertain us all.  Today we have caught him in one of his best moods, so we hope you enjoy the results.
Tim Campbell
I`m sure most of you have gathered already that Tim has quite a laddish sense of humor, so it will come as no surprise to you that he would find it funny if Eliot had dropped his camera in the sand here.  Putting aside just Tim`s sense of humor, our couple photosets often allow the photographers to try and capture the more playful side of the boys which is a lot harder to do in solo sets.  Apart from being a beautiful couple, Marc and Tim seem to have nice complimentary personalities with Marc enjoying Tim`s playful nature.
Tim and Marc
Today`s action picture selection comes from a lusty 3way scene coming your way in December.
Adam Archuleta teams up here with Brian Jovovich and Tim Campbell.
Adam, Brian and Tim
Tim has a definite strength of character.  Always inquisitive, sometimes mischievous,  these traits enhance his boy-next-door looks and make him a favorite of many. 
At first, George worried that his ease at distraction would limit his life as a model.  Happily, he has hung out longer than anyone expected.  This photo-set was taken by Eliot Klein in one of our Budapest locations.
Tim Campbell
Tim defies classification.  Though he has a cute face and lithe build his hairy chest prevents us from categorizing him as a Kinky Angel.
Yet his youth (20 years old) and build is not that of your archetypal Bel Ami model.
If I had to classify him it would be as your “boy next door.”  
While it is hard to label Tim, it’s impossible deny his cheeky charisma.    Thus, whatever your preference,  you will probably see and enjoy Tim on both sites in the future.
Tim Campbell