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Marcel Gassion

Marcel Gassion

Marcel is a peculiar case. Although he wasn’t a professional when he came to us, he was essentially boxing professionally. This comes with obvious tooth issues. I’ve been itching to take him to the dentist for some time, but things are often somewhat more complicated than they appear at first blush. Marcel drifted into our office wounded, abandoned and feeling unloved – on the verge of tears. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend. It was immediately clear that we’d be able to shoot with Marcel, so I asked him, “What can we do with you?” Levelling his forlorn gaze at me, he responded, “Do what you will!” “Don’t say that twice, “ I told him, “because you might just end up with a cock up your ass.” “I don’t care,” he murmured, “I’ll try anything you throw at me.” And that’s exactly what followed. I should probably also note that we went through a tough period with Marcel. Emotionally, he was all over the place and it took us a long time until we managed to calm him down and put him back together. Things have now settled down and he’s blossomed into a first-rate model and an asset to Bel Ami. He’s the type of model that’s unwaveringly reliable – like a Swatch. He has this internal sense of military precision. Maybe this is because his father is a professional soldier. From what Marcel has told me about his father, I have a feeling he’s the kind of ‘army dad’ you find in the film American Beauty. With Marcel we saw great potential within Bel Ami, and soon as starting with Marcel, he discovered he kind of likes it up the ass and began pondering whether he may not be as singularly heterosexual as he initially thought! By now Marcel ranks amongst the best bottoms that we have ever had at BelAmi.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Dick size:16.5
Dick type:Average
Eye color:Blue


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Today`s pictures come to us from photographer Dylan Rosser.  They were taken on one of our winter trips to South Africa, but unfortunately this time Dylan decided to shoot the set inside we`ll guess that it was a rainy day that day.  Regardless of the setting, both guys are strikingly handsome here and I`m sure that any of us would have been happy to soap their backs in the shower.
Adam & Marcel
As we had a trio of twinks for you last week, we decided to bring you a quintet of Jocks this week. Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald are here being photographed by Joan Crisol.  Although it may look like they are taken in 2 different locations, the pictures all come from either the living room or the terrace of our studio here in Prague.
Andrei, Marcel, Rhys, Torsten & Roald
Our Happy New year boys for 2018 are Marcel Gassion and Raphael Nyon.  This is a shoot that was from the summer at the Castello KinkyAngelo and comes to us from the lens of Rick Day. 
For this shoot Rick made use of many of the outdoor spaces, and the boys always seem to be on the move from one spot to another.  While not an obvious pairing to make, we must say that they do look rather good together.
Marcel & Raphael
Today`s new images come from two new upcoming threesome scenes.  The first photoset is from a scene with Zac, Marcel, and Jason which comes out in 2 weeks while the second photoset is from a scene with Tom, Jerome and Johnny which will be live on BelAmiOnline May 26th. For now enjoy 6 of your favorite BelAmi stars in this special sneak peek photo session of what`s to come.
Zac, Marcel and Jason / Johnny, Tom and Jerome
Next week marks the official start of `Scandal in the Vatican 2` with Joel`s seminal solo. So, this week we thought we would replace our normal photosession and model of the week with a selection of the still images taken for the movie. Since there is so much to cover we decided to break it up into 2 parts for you. With stills from the first half of the movie on Monday and the concluding half Wednesday.  It shouldn’t be hard to guess whether Kevin gets his guardsman or not.... but the attempt is certainly entertaining.
Scandal in the Vatican: Photos preview 2
We are joining Marcel Gassion today on location in Cape Town during our last trip to South Africa.  Marcel works hard at keeping his body in shape for filming and it certainly shows here.  The location isn`t too shabby either, but it is certainly Marcel and his butt that steal the show.
Marcel Gassion
Time for a little picture preview of what is coming our way.Our high-res hardcore pictures this week are of an upcoming scene with Jim and Arne and Marcel and Dylan (You saw them both bottoming in our 4way episode from Fucking Kris, now you get to see the follow on where Dylan fucks Marcel)
Jim and Arne, Marcel and Dylan
It`s about 2 weeks now until we show you scenes 3 and 4 from the Fucking Kris series so we thought we would give you another little taste of what you may expect to find in the scenes...
Kris, Kevin, Marcel, Dylan
We have preview images from 2 upcoming scenes for you today.  The first set is from Marcel Gassion bottoming for Manuel Rios and the second set features Dolph and Claude.
Manuel and Marcel, Dolph and Claude
We all know Marcel as one of the most talented bottoms that we currently have at BelAmi, so we thought it about time to give him a feature as Model of the Week.  This set was taken a little earlier on in Marcel`s time with us
Marcel Gassion