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Yuri Alpatow

Yuri Alpatow

Juri Alpatow is one of those inconspicuous boys who grow on you very gradually. We gave him a Russian name but Juri is a student from Budapest who shoots occasionally and helps us a lot with preparing new models.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:17
Dick type:Average


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We are in Africa today with our Hungarian beauty, Yuri Alpatow in front of Eliot`s camera.
Our blue eyed, blond haired hero seems like the perfect strong and silent type, like a statue of a Greek statue come to life.
Yuri Alpatow
Today we have a pair of Nordic looking gods for you as models of the week.  Yuri Alpatow and Roald Ekberg.
You should be familiar with both guys already and Roald was one of the boys initially in Greece for our recent production trip.... at least until he crashed his motorcycle there and had to return home, just a little battered and bruised.
No worries here for today`s images as we present him in his peak condition.  This Art Collection set was taken for us by Dylan Rosser during Summer last year
Yuri and Roald
At first glance Yuri is a cute blond guy from central Europe.  Blue eyes, fair, gingery hair and a broad, toothy smile.  Once he takes off his pants you see that he is a little more ginger that the hair on his head would give away.If you want to go back and check, his casting was shown in April last year.
Yuri Alpatow