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Chris Casablanca

Chris Casablanca

Chris is blond and babyfaced with insouciant good looks that have made him very popular, perhaps even infamous. He remained very young looking, even when he left the company after four years of work. He did not change at all. “Chris had two big advantages: He was blond and he had a very big dick. He is definitely a very sexy boy,” George Duroy recalls. “But on the other hand, there was a lot of tension within him. He was torn between his work with us and his private life.” Chris was a very good performer, but repeatedly troubled on a private level. “I don’t know how it turned out for him, but when he was leaving he had a very rich boyfriend,” George says. Chris and Rentato Amoroso were best friends. “They were like twin brothers,” George says. “They were twin trouble!”

Model Rating

Eye color:Green
Hair color:Blond
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17.5



Neither of the models from this pair work with us any longer, but these photos were taken at the height of their careers in 2003 by Marty Stevens. George considers this set of photos as among the best from previous eras and the pairing as perfect. This is not only because both of them were very charismatic, but they were also fast friends in real life.
Chris and Renato
We`ve got something different for Pin-Ups this week: a duo photosession featuring the singularly beautiful pair of Chris Casablanca and Benjamin Bloom. They were filmed here at the height of their youthful virility.
Chris and Benjamin