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Chris Hoyt

Chris Hoyt

Chris falls into the category of models where I hesitated. After seeing his casting I thought, “endearing boy, but average.” As a result, I didn’t use him for anything for a long time. He’d started working at another studio while I was deliberating, so I invited him back for a trial and pairing him with Jack Harrer. This proved popular and a huge success, so after a two-year false start, we signed Chris on as an exclusive model. Chris has this gentle, pleasant demeanor. He has two other important characteristics: he can handle massive cocks and is more than willing to do so. So, you’ll be seeing more of him. From my perspective, the main problem with him is his hair. He has the kind of hair that makes it nearly impossible to do anything with it and still have it look normal. As a type, he has the “boy next door” appeal in spades. Even though he may not be the hottest cock around, he’s incredibly smiley and sweet. But he’s still profoundly senusla and it’s evident that he has a taste for sex.

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Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:0
Dick type:0


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