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Cameron Buirski

Cameron Buirski

Cameron is one of those whom I spent a significant amount of time and energy into convincing to shoot, but to no avail. He also falls into that category of capricious models who change their minds on the subject every week. It’s a pity, because Cameron was a gentle boy with potential and had an exceptionally beautiful and massive dick. I don’t think that he necessarily had an inescapable aversion to gay sex but, at the time we were negotiating, he was still sexually inexperienced. He’d only had one sexual partner (a clumsy one at that) and came from a small town. Cameron was petrified of what would happen if someone found out and also felt that life was full of other opportunities, which sadly didn’t necessarily apply to his case. In any event, Cameron shot three photosets with us during our wooing period.

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Cameron Buirski
Cameron Buirski
Cameron Buirski


Cameron is one of those boys who came and only ever made some photosessions with us.  We know how much you like the really cute guys to carry on and film some scenes, but with Cameron it was just not to be. Over the course of his time with us though we did manage to get in a casting and 3 photo sessions, of which this is the most recent and the last one to go online.
Cameron Buirski
This is our second photo session with Cameron, the first was premiered last year here on BelAmiOnline.  At that time some of you were unhappy about his lack of pubes, so in.between shoots we had him grow them back a bit for you.
Still a little shy and reserved (although less that the last time) and still with his magnificent fat dick, we have one more piece of content for with Cameron in the future.
Cameron Buirski
Cameron is a model George craved for and did a lot to convince him to shoot and become a member of the BelAmi team, but unfortunately did not succeed. This is the first of 3 photoshoots we did with Cameron
Cameron Buirski