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Scott Reeves

Scott Reeves

He may not be a heartthrob or great beauty, but Scott is a natural born fucker. He’s a particularly good top, every time I push him to bottom, I can sense his reluctance. Scott is a martial artist by training and sometimes competes professionally. He came to us in a curious way; Like most of our other models, he arrived, went through his photoshoot and then did a casting. Once I sat down with him in Budapest to discuss further possibilities, he gave a resolute “no,” stating that this isn’t something he’d want or would consider. I told him that, should he ever change his mind, he should give me a call. Then, for reasons known only to him, he eventually did get in touch, but just not with me. In the half year since I’d seen him, he’d shot several scenes with another studio. When I discovered this, I asked him if he was in he was in his right mind to shoot for another studio for a quarter of the amount that he could have earned with me. In the end, he changed his stance toward filming and is currently on a two-year trial contract, which will soon expire. I assume that once Scott finishes with BelAmi that he’ll continue to shoot elsewhere. Whatever the result, I believe Scott has earned a place among our BelAmi models, even though he doesn’t fit into our archetype. He falls into the same category of models as Marko Bil, who also worked with other studios before finally making it to us.

Model Rating

Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
Dick size:20
Dick type:Average


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We had a hard time selecting this set of pictures for you as there were so many good  ones to choose from.  In the end I hope we have a nice set that shows the personality of both Adam and Scott.
The pictures were taken by Marty Stevens in our Bratislava studio and have a special relationship to tomorrow`s scene
Adam and Scott
Enjoy a sneak peak at some scenes to come later on BelAmiOnline that include many of your favorites: Mick Lovell, Jim Kerouac, Todd Rosset & newbie Scott Reeves.
Todd and Scott, Jim and Mick
Today at BelAmi Online we have a really hot athletic guy for you as the model of the week.  This dark haired, handsome and sexy guy from the Czech Republic also, and as you will see also has a beautiful cock.  We trust that you will like this introduction to Scott Reeves
Scott Reeves