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Joel Birkin

Joel Birkin

Sometimes it takes me weeks to convince a boy to film with us. Sometimes it takes me months, and sometimes it takes more than a year. Kris Evans is one of the latter, as is of course Joel Birkin. Joel’s story started with my promise to one of our Hungarian model scouts that if he found a young man with a 11 inch dick that I would buy him a new car. After several months effort he came up with Joel Birkin. Joel’s dick is not 11 inches but reasonably close to 10 (by American porn standards though it is probably much more, depending on the talents of the cameraman). As we all know, Joel started his career with us on KinkyAngels (Freshmen), and was the star of the ‘Scandal in the Vatican 2’ movie. As well as modelling, Joel has tried his hand as a cameraman and was an excellent production assistant on several overseas trips. Currently he is working in our Budapest office helping manage our models there.

Model Rating

Dick size:25
Dick type:Average
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown


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<p>Today we have an Art Collection photoset for you featuring the incomparable Joel Birkin. There is not much new that I can tell you about Joel that you don`t already know, so without any further ado we will just let you enjoy this photosession, taken for us by our Dutch friend, Benno Thoma.</p>
Joel Birkin
Our model of the week this week is XXL Joel Birkin.  Joel has been a regular on both BelAmiOnline and KinkyAngels now for some while and has become a fan favourite for many people..
Our Hungarian beauty is probably best known for his starring role in Scandal in the Vatican 2, but has many other scenes online for you to enjoy as well.
When Joel first started filming with us he was quite detached in his performances, but has since become much more comfortable and has developed into an outstanding performer.
Joel Birkin
Starting next month Jack and Joel get their own series here on BelAmiOnline.  We thought long and hard on what name suits the boys best for this project and eventually settled on `Offensively Large` (no points for guessing what we are talking about here).
Starting in the first week of March we have both Joel and Jack teamed up together to fuck the ever grateful Claude Sorel, but for now, here is a selection of pictures from the first few scenes.
Introducing the Offensively Large Serie
We have a full week of romance for you this week.  After breaking with tradition by not giving you a set of images on Monday, we will break it again today by providing them here.  This is not just a normal set of images though, some of them are from couples you may remember from times past, some are new pairings, some are DVD cover pictures or from advertisements that we never had the chance to present properly,  and some are just our personal favorite romantic pictures.
The thing that bind them is their portrayal of the love and affection between the boys of BelAmi.  Pic 11 is extra special in that it will be the cover of the 2017 `Freshmen` calendar, and you will remember #5 as the cover for `The Private Life of Josh Elliot' and #12 from `Todd and Dolph'.
Which of our boys today do you want to be your Valentine?
Valentine's Special
Next week marks the official start of `Scandal in the Vatican 2` with Joel`s seminal solo. So, this week we thought we would replace our normal photosession and model of the week with a selection of the still images taken for the movie. Since there is so much to cover we decided to break it up into 2 parts for you. With stills from the first half of the movie on Monday and the concluding half Wednesday.  It shouldn’t be hard to guess whether Kevin gets his guardsman or not.... but the attempt is certainly entertaining.
Scandal in the Vatican: Photos preview 1
As a special Christmas photoset this year George has put a couple of our KinkyAngels in front of the camera together.Jack Harrer and Joel Birkin have been establishing quite a bit of a raport over on and we are happy to be able to bring the complete photoset and video here for you this week
Jack and Joel
We hope by now that most of you will have met Joel before, either as the boy under that hat getting here first blowjob here on BelAmiOnline last year, or his more recent material in the last couple editions of
These pictures are a set taken in Africa for us by Marty Stevens, during Joel`s very short haircut period..  As GD spent quite a bit of time working with Joel before he agreed to film, we have quite a few photosets from that period.
Like the other KinkyAngels, Joel will appear here from time to time, but for the beginning at least, most of his material will be published over on
Joel Birkin