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Rocco Alfieri

Rocco Alfieri

Rocco Alfieri’s name came from an unexpected source. It was actually recommended by our Italian friend, Lucas Kazan. To be precise, because of Rocco’s Italian look, Lucas recommended 3 different names and this is what we settled on.
The boy himself comes from the same village close to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) as Andre Boleyn. I suspect Andre lusted after him in private for a while, and bring him to work for us was his way to get to have sex with him without have to admit the attraction.
As for Rocco he is smiley, has a sense of humor and is very sensual.
He is trained as a waiter and cook and currently works at one of Prague’s classier restaurants. As you may know from his interview, his ambition is to open his own restaurant.

Model Rating

Dick type:Average
Dick size:17.5
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Dark Brown


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<p>This week we get a little glimpse at all the hard work that goes into producing an outdoors photoshoot, it seems that there is much more involved than a talented photographer and a pretty bot!. Eliot Klien is on location outside of Budapest with heartthrob Rocco Alfieri for our model of the week shoot. These images are from Rocco`s 1st year with us while he was still primarily a KinkyAngels model and we hope that you enjoy them here today.</p>
Rocco Alfieri
Today we have our first photo session with Rocco Alfieri.  These pictures were taken in Budapest by Benno Thoma a couple of years ago.
As it was a summer shoot,Benno decided to symbolize this with his use of water and watermelon.  Which Rocco do you prefer, wet or dry?
Rocco Alfieri