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Antony Lorca

Antony Lorca

The story of Antony Lorca would be a fairly long and complicated one to tell here. There are not too many boys where I would be prepared to wait for 3 years to start releasing their material, but Antony is one of them.
When he first came to us he was tall, but still with a bit of baby fat in his face and 1 front tooth a couple shades darker than the others.
By now he has graduated from university and became quite an athletic hunk.
The material you get with him will vary depending on when it was shot and you will need to exercise some patience here as we won’t necessarily be releasing it in the order it was filmed. In any case, it seems that you like him well enough from either of his filming stages
Antony was part of our ‘Musketeer’ team that also included Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Hoyt Kogan and Christian Lundgren.

Model Rating

Dick size:21
Eye color:Dark Brown
Hair color:Black
Dick type:Thick


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Antony Lorca


<p>We have been looking forward to bringing you this photoset from our `Sex Safari` series as it features our favorite couple, Nils and Antony. We have featured these 2 guys before in both photsets ad scenes fairly often as we believe that they look almost perfect together. The setting today is spectacular and romantic and allows photographer Eliot Klien to show the boys off to their best advantage.</p>
Nils & Antony
<p>Although today`s photo set is technically classed as a `couples` set, it is more like a set featuring 2 guys, Christian and Antony... with a few guest spots from Nils and Torsten in the video. This blond and brunet combination works really well, and as both guys have known each other for quite a long time, there is a very warm and familiar interaction going on throughout the shoot. Benno Thoma is our photographer today and the jerk off is filmed by Johan. </p>
Antony & Christian
It was a very tough choice in selecting the pictures of Antony to present to you here today.  As a prelude to our `Summer of Love` programming we have chosen a set made last year in South Africa that not only contains the usual indoor images, but as an extra bonus we have included some beach photos as well.
We already know that a lot of you have taken a shine to Antony, and I`m sure this photo session will only endear him to you even more.
Antony Lorca