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Misha Akunin

Misha Akunin

As mentioned previously when his first episode was released, Misha is a Russian student in Prague. When he first arrived, he looked like a little babe—just like Kevin Warhol did. He was like an innocent child. After working out a bit more, he started to look athletic. We had a dramatic period during which he started to change dramatically and very quickly. We then discovered that he was eating nothing else but 3kg of cottage cheese. I don’t know what got into his head, but he started to gain a lot of weight as a result. He looked like a gorilla, which isn’t natural for his body type. He has more Kevin-esque attributes. I have a sneaking suspicion that Misha is also a bit of a diva – it’s clear that he loves to put on a show and does so with relish.
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Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Dick size:16.5
Dick type:Average
Eye color:Hazel


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Misha Akunin
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Sasha Akunin


Today`s action pictures are from an upcoming scene where  we have 3 of our hottest KinkyAngels boys together.  As an added little bonus, Ginno also decided to bring along his favorite toy, in case the other 2 boys were not enough for him.  
There was a 1 part scene with the same boys on KinkyAngels November 2103, but these pictures come from an upcoming 2 day scene scheduled for BelAmiOnline
Gino, Kevin and Misha
Coming up in the July edition of KinkyAngels we have a scene with Adam and Misha which is the finale of `What starts out as an orgy` (April KinkyAngels).Today we have decided to give you all a sneak peek of that scene by preparing the action photographs for you here.
Adam and Misha
A lot of you responded with pleasure to the few preview pictures we showed you of Misha at new year, so here he is with a full photoshoot.  We`re looking forward to finding a place for him amongst the Kinky Angels team.
Sasha Akunin