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Austin Merrick

Austin Merrick

Austin isn’t an exclusive Bel Ami model. Currently living in California, Austin is part of a batch of four American models that came through the same scout in the United States. Austin originally went through Navy SEAL boot camp. Physically, he’s able-bodied and flexible (as you’ll see in some of his scenes). I like him. He’s honest and straightforward, but can be moody. This makes things complicated. For every episode that we complete, there’s one that’s unfinished. For example, I paired Austin with Jean-Daniel, because of their liveliness and similar physical attributes. But the pairing didn’t work. As such, there’s only so much that we managed to complete with him. What we release is good, but each comes at the price of two. This made shooting with Austin expensive. So, if he’s available, we’ll shoot with Austin on an ad hoc basis, but we won’t be signing an exclusivity contract anytime soon.

Model Rating

Hair color:Black
Eye color:Blue-Gray
Dick type:Average
Dick size:0


Austin Merrick
Andre and Austin