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Tom Pollock

Tom Pollock

Tom was one of our 'regular' models on the BelAmi team for quite a few years. He likes to keep fit by playing sports and going to the gym. He's easy going and friendly and George often uses Tom as a stand in model when one of the other boys doesn't turn up.
When he is not filming or keeping fit, Tom also had a job in our Prague office where he keeps all our paperwork relating to models in order.

Model Rating

Dick type:Average
Hair color:Blond
Dick size:16.5
Eye color:Blue


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<p>Our treat for the week is the ever-charming and handsome Tom Pollock. Sometimes it can get a little awkward when we schedule content for models who also work in the office, but it is never the case with Tom, who also still maintains his own OF page and is more than happy to show off for all of us.</p>
<p>Apart from being tall, built, and handsome, Tom displays here a nice sense of humor and self-deprecation, which adds to his overall charm. For those of you who are not fans of guys who shave, this PS should be a bonus, as Tom is in full display of his soft, blond hair that covers most of his front (except maybe his face :-) ). Our cameraman today is ably assisted by Tim Campbell, who shows a definite gift for holding the reflector in just the right way to get all the best shots!</p>
<p> </p>
Tom Pollock
Today we have another art collection photoset and video for you.  Giving you a little break from our recent Rick Day collection during Summer Break, this set comes to us from Dylan Rosser and was photographed in Cape Town.  We chose 2 boys that you don`t see too much of any more, so we hope you enjoy this presentation of Tom Pollock and Jason Clark.
Tom Pollock & Jason Clark
Tom and Johnny were always a bit of couple during their time in front of the camera at BelAmi, and both boys for a time stuck together and asked for jobs here in the office as well (Tom still works here btw), so we knew that there would be no problem with `chemistry` when we scheduled the together for this photosession.  For those of you interested in heading back to the archive to revisit their scene together, here`s a little shortcut for you:
 <a href='' target='_blank'>HERE</a>
Tom and Johnny
Today`s new images come from two new upcoming threesome scenes.  The first photoset is from a scene with Zac, Marcel, and Jason which comes out in 2 weeks while the second photoset is from a scene with Tom, Jerome and Johnny which will be live on BelAmiOnline May 26th. For now enjoy 6 of your favorite BelAmi stars in this special sneak peek photo session of what`s to come.
Zac, Marcel and Jason / Johnny, Tom and Jerome
Lovers of blonds will be in heaven with this pictorial preview of an upcoming scene with Tom Pollock and Daniel Mathis.
More experienced Tom takes the reigns and shows Daniel how to have fun in Budapest.
Tom and Daniel
Time for another pictorial preview of an upcoming scene.  Today we have Jason Clarke together with Tom Pollock.  Jason is one of our Hungarian models and Tom works in our Prague office as one of our archivists.
Tom and Jason
Tom Pollock  is our cowboy of the week,  starring in tis Art Collection photoshoot by Joan Crisol.
These pics were taken during Joan`s trip to Budapest and capture a youthful Tom Pollock, before he started body building.
Tom Pollock
Today we have a selection of photographs from 2 upcoming scenes.  First off Claude and Matthew, who you see more of on KinkyAngels.  Second up we have Jim Kerouac and Tom Pollock
Jim, Tom, Claude and Matthew
Tom is someone you will see a bit more of around BelAmiOnline a bit later. Tall, blond and cute, he has a charming personality and a mischievious sense of humor.
Tom Pollock