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Ryan Kutcher

Ryan Kutcher

Those of you who frequent our forums may already be familiar with the various experiences we’ve created around him. Ryan is a Czech hockey player, furnished with all the troubles that the sport brings. When I first saw Ryan, he struck me as an archetypal Bel Ami model: broad shoulders, athletic and sporting a big cock. He possesses all the elements of an exclusive model, but it was an uphill battle to convince him to come shoot for me. It took more than a year, but we eventually came to an agreement. Sadly, just as we were about to start shooting, it surfaced that I’d inherited a model who had previously done a photoshoot with another studio. We discovered this because someone sent these pictures to Ryan’s mother, which spooked him and he decided that he wasn’t ready to film. So, in the end, we have about five different photosets with various photographers that we shot as a way of persuading him to film with us. We also have a half episode from Australia where he agreed to have a blowjob, but in a way that you can’t see his face – which was the first step to filming. That’s where it ended. The fact that I’m releasing this material now means that this is probably as much as there ever will be – I don’t think Ryan will come back to us. Regardless, had it been given the chance to rise, I believe that Ryan’s stardom would have been on par with Kris Evans. I consider him a great loss to Bel Ami. Even though Ryan appears very masculine (which is also how he perceives himself), I’ll note that there was a great deal of mutual attraction between him and Kris. During their photoshoot in Australia, Ryan and Kris shared a room and were as giddy as schoolboys, even though they couldn’t communicate much – one is Hungarian and the other Czech. They were constantly giggling and evidently enjoyed washing each other’s backs in the shower. I interpreted this as evidence that we could have achieved much more!

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Blue-Gray
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17.5


Ryan Kutcher
Kris in leather
Lukas in NYC
Ryan Kutcher


To coincide with our special TLA exclusive DVD release `Forgotten Treasures` we have this art collection set of Ryan Kutcher for you this week.  Ryan is one of the boys that we really wished we could have filmed more with.  He started around the same time as Kris Evans, and during his many times on set, they formed quite a close bond, even traveling around Australia together with us.  This varied set of images was taken in New York for us by Rick Day.  Sailor, sportsman or soldier, Ryan is just about perfect in any setting.
Ryan Kutcher
Ryan`s masculine and muscular physique has allowed Joan Crisol to create a military fantasy for us in this photoset.  As always, Ryan is `ready to serve`.
Our art collection today focuses on Kris Evans and has a distinct Tom of Finland leather feel about it. One of the perfect accessories for this shoot is the handsome Ryan Kutcher.As we found out on our Australian trip, Kris and Ryan have such an innate rapport that it is always a pleasure watching them together.Joan Crisol took these images for us on location in Budapest
Kris in leather
This photoset was taken early on in Ryan`s time with BelAmi.  You may remember seeing him in some on our documentaries from Australia, including the photoshoot with Aussiebum
Ryan Kutcher