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Jaco Van Sant

Jaco Van Sant

Jaco is a short boy with Polish roots, bright blue eyes and blond hair. There is a certain level of innocence with him, which is very appealing. Jaco can also appear a little bit stiff, which G. Duroy is working on. "I believe this stiffness is the result of a very good Catholic upbringing," George says. Based on Jaco's youthful experience with a local priest, George brought a group of boys to Vatican City and filmed them meeting the Pope. It was actually Jaco's second papal visit; that's how protypical a Catholic upbringing he has received. "He is doing his best to shed his inhibitions," George says. Jaco is quite pleasant and likable and brings good energy to those around him.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17.5
Eye color:Blue


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Marc & Jaco
Jaco & Scott
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Scott and Jaco
Jaco and Tony
Jaco and Scott
Jaco Van Sant
Kevin, Jaco and Billy
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This pairing makes such a perfect couple that this is the 3rd outing they have together.  Back in `14 they had their first photosession together and they made love for us again the following year (you`ll find the scene under either boy`s profile).
Today`s 2nd photoset does not disappoint either, as our blond pair show off for us and for Eliot`s camera during one of our trips to Cape Town, South Africa.
To respond to a few comments on our preview (especially the person who thought this photo set must be 3000 years old, GD reliably informs me that it is not so, it is only 2998.  But seriously, for most of the major models we intentionally keep one or 2 pieces of content for use later on.  This serves not only to remind long term members of our older models, but it also provides more variety in the mix for today.  Neither Jaco nor Scott get any uglier or older once the pictures are taken and many members like to see fresh content with models who may no longer be actively working with us.
Jaco and Scott
Kevin is in heaven in today`s hardcore pictures getting the chance to fuck all 3 of his scene partners.  Look out for the full scenes on
Kevin, Scott, Jaco and Billy
It`s a double twink photo session this with our blond pairing of Jaco van Sant and Scott Bennet from the end of 2013 .
Both guys are Czech but for this photo shoot we send them down to Budapest to be photographed by Eliot Klein.
Both models have an impressive collection of scenes both here on BelAmiOnline and on our other site
Jaco and Scott
Our model of the week is one of our regular KinkyAngels boys, Jaco van Sant.
At first glance Jaco gives the impression that he is all innocence, but the truth is that he has a very cheeky and sexual side to him also as is captured in todays photos.
Jaco Van Sant
We first saw Jaco in July last year in his scene with Ryan Thulin.  Todays photoset is from around the same period of time and was taken bu Mery down in our Budapest studio
Jaco Van Sant