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Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming takes his name from the famous James Bond author. I’ve always thought Peter would look good in a Tuxedo and he has what I would consider Bond-like qualities. Unfortunately, Peter Fleming’s career was short-lived. After five scenes, he decided that enough was enough. A model’s decision not to continue shooting usually falls during a period when people in his surroundings (friends, family, school, etc.) discover that he’s done a photoshoot or filming. This was the case with Ryan. Ryan was a university student from a well-to-do family. Honestly, I think Peter worked for us because he genuinely enjoyed the process – he was a bit of an exhibitionist. I regret that I wasn’t able to finish what I had planned for him. His main episode was going to be with Dolph Lambert during his visit to Africa. Unfortunately, this didn’t materialize because Dolph couldn’t travel down to Cape Town that winter. Dolph suffered a back injury during a skiing expedition and was incapacitated for months. By the time Dolph managed to pull himself together, Peter had changed his mind. So, when it comes Peter, there are a total of five scenes scheduled for release.

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick type:Average
Dick size:18


Peter Fleming
Peter and Colin
Peter Fleming
Peter and Brandon
Peter and Gaelan


<p>It has been a long time since we gave you anything with Peter so we decided to make him our model of the week.  All of Peter`s hardcore material is already out, but we still have a few couple photosessions and a solo left with him to bring to you in the future.</p>
<p>Today`s images are part of our Cape Town series and picture Peter at his absolute best, so we hope you enjoy this slightly retro day.</p>
Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming is one of our boys this month that is Flirting with Porn.Tall, handsome and with a great body and dick we hope that you will enjoy these pictures of Peter
Peter Fleming
After a string of twinks, we now offer you muscular relief with blond Peter Fleming. We have already shot several scenes with him that will be coming your way later in the year, and he was one of the team that made a NYE appearance in NewYork
Peter Fleming