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Adam Archuleta

Adam Archuleta

Things have come a long way for Adam, now one of our most experienced and beloved models. When he first started even GD was a little unsure of Adam’s ability to live up to the natural promise he showed. His first casting was a disaster. For a year, there was no improvement, but George persisted, despite misgivings from his collaborators. Then Adam met Dario Dolce and everything changed. They became instant close friends. Dario is an exhibitionist who loves to perform and this quality rubbed off on Adam. He quickly transformed into a first-class performer within a matter of months. Adam is a Casanova, a natural-born seducer. This alluring quality can be seen even in his first photosessions.
As you can see below, Adam now has a vast array of material for us all to enjoy.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue-Green
Dick size:19
Dick type:Average


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Today`s pictures come to us from photographer Dylan Rosser.  They were taken on one of our winter trips to South Africa, but unfortunately this time Dylan decided to shoot the set inside we`ll guess that it was a rainy day that day.  Regardless of the setting, both guys are strikingly handsome here and I`m sure that any of us would have been happy to soap their backs in the shower.
Adam & Marcel
So we have finished another week of Jambo Africa and it is time to give you a little look at what is coming next.
Jambo Africa Preview
To wrap up our first week of Jambo Africa we have put together this special gallery for you of what is coming next month, ranging from the photo session all the way through to the Saturday scene.
Jambo Africa Preview
Today`s pictures come from a cover shoot instead of a normal action pictures.  We`re not sure if it will make a cover or not yet, but we`d like you to pick your favorites.  Both Adam and Miguel look great here, but sometimes a change of expression can make a world of difference...
Adam & Miguel
We have a full week of romance for you this week.  After breaking with tradition by not giving you a set of images on Monday, we will break it again today by providing them here.  This is not just a normal set of images though, some of them are from couples you may remember from times past, some are new pairings, some are DVD cover pictures or from advertisements that we never had the chance to present properly,  and some are just our personal favorite romantic pictures.
The thing that bind them is their portrayal of the love and affection between the boys of BelAmi.  Pic 11 is extra special in that it will be the cover of the 2017 `Freshmen` calendar, and you will remember #5 as the cover for `The Private Life of Josh Elliot' and #12 from `Todd and Dolph'.
Which of our boys today do you want to be your Valentine?
Valentine's Special
Today`s action picture selection comes from a lusty 3way scene coming your way in December.
Adam Archuleta teams up here with Brian Jovovich and Tim Campbell.
Adam, Brian and Tim
If you have ever imagined what a perfect couple may look like you need go no further than today`s update with Jean-Daniel and Adam.  Both fit, charming and beautiful it makes you wonder what went of after the photosession was over.
Adam and Jean
Marc Ruffalo and Adam Archuleta are in front of the camera today for our action picture selection.  You can see the finished flip flop scene later this month as part of our Summer of Love.
Marc and Adam
There is something for everyone in today`s selection of action pictures.  First up we have Jim Kerouac and Johnny Bloom and then as a special treat, newcomer Roald Ekberg and Adam Archuleta rounding out the selection.  Both videos coming soon on BelAmiOnline.
Adam, Roald, Johnny and Jim
We had a hard time selecting this set of pictures for you as there were so many good  ones to choose from.  In the end I hope we have a nice set that shows the personality of both Adam and Scott.
The pictures were taken by Marty Stevens in our Bratislava studio and have a special relationship to tomorrow`s scene
Adam and Scott
Today, we bring you the pictures from our upcoming fantasy 3 way which debuts later this month and features the Adonis like Kris Evans in his first condom free bottoming scene ever! Jean Daniel and Adam Archuleta join Kris for this 2 part 3 way that begins with Kris Evans topping both Adam and Jean-Daniel in Part 1 and in Part 2 Kris makes his condom free bottoming debut when Adam and Jean-Daniel take turns topping the muscular star. For now, check out the pictures from this standout scene coming to BelAmiOnline 9/27!
Adam, Kris and Jean-Daniel
Today`s action pics are from a couple of scenes coming your way in the near future.
You fell in love with Rhys and his performance in our recent scene featuring Jean-Daniel, on the 31st of next month you will get the change to fall in love with him all over again in this scene with Adam Archuleta.
Our other featured scene plays at the end of August, featuring 2 more of our newer guys, talented bottom, Milan Sharp together with sexy Brian Jovovich
Rhys, Adam, Brian and Milan
Coming up in the July edition of KinkyAngels we have a scene with Adam and Misha which is the finale of `What starts out as an orgy` (April KinkyAngels).Today we have decided to give you all a sneak peek of that scene by preparing the action photographs for you here.
Adam and Misha
Today we have a special update of action pictures featuring Claude Sorel pleasing 2 of our most prolific tops in Adam Archuleta & Jim Kerouac.
Adam, Claude and Jim
Adam and Gino make a sexy couple as this weeks `Models of the week`.
You may recognize the location as the same as for the 3way between Dolph, Kris and Jean-Daniel from last month
Adam and Gino
Our December dedication to the Kinky Angels continues with Adam Archuleta today. He is charming and a natural in front of the camera during this photoshoot from Africa.  During our last trip there when this was shot we were having quite a hard time with Adam and his love of fast food and gummy bears.  No mater what George did we couldn`t stop him eating and eating, as a result he put on about 10 pounds by the time it came to do this shoot.Ordinarily we would have shelved this shoot, but on second review, given that it is part of a series along with the other boys, it got the green light to go into this KA special series
Adam Archuleta
This is the sensual, young Adam Archuleta`s first photo set, made almost two years ago in late 2008. We think it has a certain James Dean feel to it, hence the smoking shots were deliberately included. Adam has a very independent streak and he almost takes over trying to direct his own scenes. You`ll be seeing more of him very soon.
Adam Archuleta