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Robin Michaux

Robin Michaux

Robin has a complicated name, which makes even me stumble. I gave him the name during a period when I didn’t anticipate that Robin might eventually shoot for us. He arrived and only did a single photoset. Since he was competing in high-performance sports at the time, he didn’t want do any more than that. However, one of our scouts sat down with him to discuss his options and Robin eventually changed his mind. Robin has a great smile and is a beautiful, athletic boy. I’ll note, however, that he never lost a dose of shyness and could be quite reserved. His demureness can get in the way of him opening up and some people (judging him by his first episode) have interpreted that to mean that he’s unenthusiastic, or that he doesn’t enjoy it. This isn’t true at all! Not everyone is an extrovert. Robin certainly isn’t. He’s just a guy who needs longer to get going.

Model Rating

Dick type:Average
Eye color:Blue-Gray
Hair color:Blond
Dick size:16


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Robin Michaux


Whenever Robin makes an appearance on the site we`re sure to have a lot of happy members. Handsome, great body, big dick and a perfect bubble butt  means that Robin just about has it all.
Robin Michaux
This week we have a something a little different to give you,This Art Collection set of images of Robin was taken for us by Spanish Photographer Joan Crisol at the same time as the cover for Tough and Tender.
Robin Michaux
Some time ago we gave you the first Photoset with Robin Michaux which you liked so much that we decided to shoot a new photoset and series of sex scenes with him. Today and Wednesday you will see the 2nd Photoshoot, unfortunately, because of his sports, he still keeps his hair fairly short. You will see him in his first action scene next month.
Robin Michaux
University student Robin Michaux  is the epitome of boy-next-door sexiness, a blue-eyed beauty with a sexy, swimmer`s physique, bubble butt and perfectly sized cock. He was quiet, shy and quite nervous during this photo shoot with Marty Stevens. But he takes a beautiful picture, yes? G. Duroy notes Robin is 'no longer quite so scared' and will be filming his first training episode very soon. We await the results quite anxiously.
Robin Michaux