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Harris Hilton

Harris Hilton

Sexy young Harris is a true metrosexual who pays close attention to every square inch of his body. He comes from a prominent, well-off family in Hungary. G. Duroy calls Harris "a natural-born maverick" and has now relaxed about shooting porn following several uncomfortable episodes when supposed friends attempted to make a scandal out of his new career. Harris enjoys to party and loves being the centre of attention. "He is fairly stubborn, although he doesn't look like it," George says. "Once he makes up his mind to do something, he will do it. But you have to take your time and reason with him. If he buys the reasons, then everything works. But you can't just tell him to do something. He will defy any authority the minute he senses he is being manipulated." Harris is an archetypal blond fantasy figure and always gave it his all in every performance.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:19
Dick type:Thick


On the Set with Alex & Colin
Alex & Harris
On the Set with Erik & Harris
Dario & Harris
Mick & Harris
Billy & Harris
Torsten and Harris
Rhys and Harris - Part 2
Rhys and Harris - Part 1
Andrei and Harris
Torsten, Harris and Andrei - Part 2
Torsten, Harris and Andrei-Part 1
Johnny and Harris
Florian and Harris
Phillipe and Harris - Part 2
Phillipe and Harris - Part 1
Party in Milan
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Studio Orgy -Part 2
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Harris and Jean-Daniel
Harris Hilton


As most of this week falls in February, we are happy to be able to start our Month of Romance with this photosession with 2 beautiful blonds, Harris and Torsten.
Although the guys had only a short overlapping period at BelAmi, we are very pleased that Eliot got the chance to pair them up and make this set of pictures and video for you.
Hearing that most of Eliot`s instructions here are in Hungarian lets us know that Torsten is a bit of a natural when it comes to being in front of the camera and automatically seems to know what to do at the right time.
Torsten and Harris
If I could choose 1 blond and one dark haired guy to fuck in a `dream scene`  it would definitely be Rhys and Harris.  Luckily GD is one step ahead and already has the scene in the can.  Today we have a little preview of the still images from this scene to whet your appetite!
Rhys and Harris
Our action pictures today are from 2 upcoming scenes. Andre and Sean are the stars of the first part and then Billy and Harris bring us to a very blond conclusion
Action Pictures
I hope you have noticed that we are starting something new today.
For the past  several years we have been inviting photographers to come and  take pictures of our models that do not necessarily match what we all think of as BelAmi, but are more consistent with the photographers personal vision.
This new section which we are calling maybe BelAmiNoir  has it`s own format content window and will typically have less images than a normal photoset, depending of the photographer.
Joan Crisol is the first of our guest photographers that we wish to highlight and we have his vision of Harris Hilton here for you today
For this week`s Pin-Up material, please enjoy this early photosession featuring the sly and sexy Harris Hilton. A true metrosexual, Harris is very aware of his body and enjoys a good tease.
Harris Hilton