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Jason Clark

Jason Clark

G. Duroy feels that Jason, a Budapest native, slightly resembles a younger Barack Obama, even though he is not biracial. Jason is bright with a good sense of humour, a university student with a mild submissive streak. "His success for Bel Ami is unexpected," George says. "I was anticipating a lukewarm response, but I was proved wrong by our customers."

Model Rating

Dick size:20.5
Dick type:Average
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown


Jason, Joel & Arne
Phillipe, Jason & Marco
Zac, Florian & Jason
Tim & Jason
Tom Pollock & Jason Clark
Gaelan, Gino and Jason
Johnny and Jason
Nino and Jason
Zac, Jason and Arne
Yuri, Jason and Tim
Rhys and Jason
Zac, Marcel and Jason
Gaelan and Jason
Rocco and Jason
Jason and Marco
Tom and Jason
Andrei and Jason
Jason and Jean-Daniel
Jason Clark
Paul and Jason
Rocco and Jason
Jason and Paul
Claude and Jason
Studio Orgy -Part 2
Studio Orgy - pt 1
Jason, Colin and Gaelan
Jason, Colin and Vadim - Part 2
Jason, Colin and Vadim - Part 1
Hungarian orgy - Part 2
Hungarian orgy - Part 1
Tom and Jason


Today we have another art collection photoset and video for you.  Giving you a little break from our recent Rick Day collection during Summer Break, this set comes to us from Dylan Rosser and was photographed in Cape Town.  We chose 2 boys that you don`t see too much of any more, so we hope you enjoy this presentation of Tom Pollock and Jason Clark.
Tom Pollock & Jason Clark
Today`s new images come from two new upcoming threesome scenes.  The first photoset is from a scene with Zac, Marcel, and Jason which comes out in 2 weeks while the second photoset is from a scene with Tom, Jerome and Johnny which will be live on BelAmiOnline May 26th. For now enjoy 6 of your favorite BelAmi stars in this special sneak peek photo session of what`s to come.
Zac, Marcel and Jason / Johnny, Tom and Jerome
Time for another pictorial preview of an upcoming scene.  Today we have Jason Clarke together with Tom Pollock.  Jason is one of our Hungarian models and Tom works in our Prague office as one of our archivists.
Tom and Jason
Our action pictures today come from a couple scenes that will be released in full later this year.
First up we have Andrei Karenin fucking Jason Clark in our Budapest studio in a scene that is coming your way in November. The second part of the update comes from a trip to South Africa and features Luke Hamill fucking Johnny Bloom and will be on BelAmiOnline next month.
Andrei, Jason, Luke and Johnny
Our favorite bespectacled lad is back with his 2nd solo photoset.  For the first set we had Jason take his glasses off, but since so many of you commented on how sexy he is with them on, we have a mixed set for you this time around.
Jason Clark
Many of you liked Jason Clark, a quiet university student from Hungary, because he wears glasses. His original casting session reminded George Duroy of how Falcon Studios edited out one scene from a film because the model had glasses, and told him plainly that ‘glasses are not sexy.` This time we comply with the Falcon rules and present him without glasses. You’ll have to tell us which version is sexier.
Jason Clark