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Gaelan Binoche

Gaelan Binoche

Gaelen was a college student, very bright and enterprising, when he wanted to work more for Bel Ami, but was a little bit resistant to taking advice or constructive criticism in order to improve his performance and appearance. He is an excellent top but George feels he is still holding back in front of the camera. "He is beautiful and his name comes from the French actress Juliette Binoche. His eyes and mouth remind me of her," George says. "I have seen that he has very few sexual inhibitions. And he has an instant hard-on; you just touch his dick and it is hard. So I believe he will grow to become a strong performer but we are coming to it in a roundabout way." In his later episodes, Gaelen's sexual confidence had grown by leaps and bounds.

Model Rating

Dick size:XL
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick type:Thick


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When I was looking back over this year`s models of the week I am struck by how many sexy and handsome guys that we have had posing in front of our cameras of the last 12 months and we continue the tradition with our final boy for 2015.  Dreamy, sexy, toned and hung. Gaelan Binoche has the honor this year of being the final model of the week for 2015.
Gaelan Binoche
On firdays we have started to alternate some backstage footage with our regular hard core photosets, but this week it is time again to have a little peek at one of the scenes that is coming your way soon.  This time around it is Manuel Rios bottoming for Gaelan Binoche.
Manuel and Gaelan
Today we have some production pictures of Gino and Gaelan from an upcoming scene.  Gino is a recent addition to our KinkyAngels team and also works as Luke`s assistant when he is not in front of the camera
Gino and Gaelan
Gaelan is a student from the Czech Republic.  When he first came too us he was a little too lean for our tastes and went off to gain 10 pounds before we started working regularly with him.  He still looks quite lean as he is a tall boy but he is slowly becoming sexier and sexier
Gaelan Binoche