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Julien Hussey

Julien Hussey

Lovely Julien is our sensual, impish sex machine from Budapest. He started off quite well with us when he earned the cover of "Eye Contact," for which he was directed by Lukas Ridgeston. Julien's excellent episode with Evan Cobb shows off hidden reserves of sexual kinkiness and confidence. We've learned that he has had quite a few wild erotic adventures despite his youth (one of his favourites is having sex with his then-girlfriend and her sister at the same time). And yet he will blush when recounting these hedonistic tales, a facet of his personality that George Duroy finds adorable and endearing. An avid sportsman, Julien started off his career with the nom-de-porn "Pablo Suarez." George thought the name was a bit ridiculous and changed it. He has matured and broadened his worldview by traveling frequently with Bel Ami.

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Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick size:18
Dick type:Average


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<p>It is a rare treat to have 2 such sexy and charming guys come along and help start the week off in the right way. It has often been said that Rhys and Julien could be cousins and this photoshoot also illustrates that very well. Both guys have a simlar physique, full and luscious lips and charm that could seduce anyone. Even though they are from different countries their hometowns are not that far apart, just across the Slovak/Hungarian border, so maybe there is something more than just uncanny similarity going on here with these 2.</p>
Rhys Jagger & Julien Hussey
Just to let you know that you won`t have to wait too long to see the video of these 2 boys in action.  Kevin and Julien feature in a 2 day special here on BelAmiOnline at the end of this month.
Kevin and Julien
If there ever was a prize for the best lips ever, Julien would certainly have to be in the running.  A little over accessorized here in this photoset by Marty, Julien shows us what has made him such a popular boy at BeAmi
Julien Hussey
Today we have a special photoset update for you.  Divided into 2 parts, first Kevin Warhol and then Kevin with Julien Hussey. Shot in Africa in December last year by Eliot Klien
Julien and Kevin
We got these 2 guys together for the cover shoot of a DVD.  They hit it off immediately and this very hot photoshoot was the result
Evan and Julien
Hey everyone - we had so many great pictures of Julien from this photoshoot that we have split it up into 2 sets.
Here are the outdoors pictures from the photoshoot.

Julien gets his exotic looks as he is half Hungarian and the other half Cuban.
Julien - Bonus
I`m not going to describe Julien here, just give you a little iformation on the name change.  Before today Julien was Pablo Suarez.  We are not quite sure where the name came from, but are sure that it is very unfortunate.  So Pablo Has become Julien Hussey. Hope you enjoy him.

part 2 coming Saturday
Julien Hussey