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Joey Amis

Joey Amis

George smiles broadly whenever Joey’s name comes up. He worked around the office for many years in a variety of capacities, including as a sound person. He was an all-purpose handyman, very bright and willing to help out wherever he could. For many years he was an important part of the Bel Ami family. Joey comes from a prominent Slovakian family and is estranged from them. We sometimes feel that Bel Ami was his way of rebelling. “As sweet as he was, there was also a neurotic feature in him which I believe came from his early life experiences,” George Duroy recalls. “In the beginning he was not very trusting. On the one hand, you would see him smiling and very happy, but he could change in a few seconds to a gloomy mood, usually after he got in touch with his family.” Joey was one of the most oral models in the company. One of Bel Ami’s biggest blowjob episodes was in “Mating Season” where Joey blows 14 boys; that scene won many awards including Best Oral Scene at the GAYVN Awards in the United States. It has quickly become one of Bel Ami’s most infamous episodes. “He was fairly promiscuous like this and would suck several dicks in a row,” George recalls. “It was interesting to see this quality in a heterosexual boy.” Joey never topped onscreen because he could not maintain an erection in a condom. He only left after he fell in love and moved to another part of the country. But he stays in touch. In the winter of 2009 he visited our offices, and we learned that he has not changed. “I am so horny all the time,” he told George. “I have to jerk off eight times a day!” As George says, “You certainly don’t have to convince him to have sex anytime.”

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Eye color:Green
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:19



Everyone remembers Joey from his outstanding performance in the blowjob scene from Mating Season.Today we have a photoset taken by Marty Stevens during one of our trips to South Africa.  As usual, Joey is full of smiles and energy, and of course a rock hard cock
Joey Amis