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Derek Raser

Derek Raser

Derek is one of those models that we were unsure how best to use. His facial features are those of a Bel Ami model, but he has the body of a body builder and is quite muscular. On the one hand, he’s a nice and reliable boy. On the other hand, there’s something stiff and unyielding in him. Perhaps he just needs some more time to relax. Viewers more or less like Derek, but it’s this mixed reception that leave me deliberating as to what to do with him. Whatever the case, we’ll continue to work with him this year. He’s currently on an exclusive contract. I think this is a model that will have a fruitful career with Bel Ami, even if it isn’t very long. Since retiring from in front of the camera, Derek has become a very talented editor, and may of the scenes you are watching on the web now are edited by him.

Model Rating

Hair color:Black
Dick type:Thin
Dick size:17
Eye color:Blue


Andrei and Derek
Adam, Johnny and Derek
Sascha and Derek
Vadim and Derek


Today and tomorrow you will get a closer look at Derek Raser`s photo session. As you might guess from the very first photo, Derek is a retired bodybuilder. Having lost much of his excessive mass, he is now left with a beautifully cut physique. However, we put his previous training to good use and hope you enjoy his aesthetic poses.
Derek Raser