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Ariel Vanean

Ariel Vanean

Ariel’s surname came from a Hawaiian source, George Duroy says, as he was exotic enough in his looks for this kind of name. “Ariel” comes from George’s very first model, also named Ariel, and his first cover shoot for “Freshmen” magazine in the U.S. fifteen years ago (1994). He was very similar to the current Ariel, who has become very popular on the Bel Ami website. He is Czech, very bisexual and likes to bottom. “That’s what he likes about the gay part of his personality,” George says, “even though he can do both, top and bottom.” He is one of the boys who enjoys shooting and also helping us prepare new models as a “trainer.” Ariel has a very sweet and mellow personality, very cuddly. His mother became concerned about why he was coming to our offices all the time. So Luke Hamill went to visit with her and explain about what her son was doing. “She is okay with it, one of many mothers who know by now,” George laughs. “Right now he is working as a full-time model for Bel Ami and we are planning to do much more with him.” Ariel took a year off from working at BelAmi, only to return as cute as ever in 2016. He is also one of few models to have filmed for us unshaven.

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17


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<p>This week`s photosession is one with an unique story.  On one of our earlier trips to South Africa, we ran a little photo school for anyone who was interested and a handful of you then joined us over there for some lessons from both our guest photographers, Howard and Benno, and these images were taken by Howard during the first day of the classes.</p>
<p>Of course, since our students were paying guests, we had to offer them the cream of the crop when it came to subjects, so they ended up with Kev, JD, Todd and Ariel.</p>
Todd, Kevin, Jean-Daniel & Ariel
As promised, here is Joan Crisol`s art collection set with Ariel Vanean (and also a guest appearance from Marcel).  I think this may be the only shoot we have ever done with a boy in full beard and also freshly shaven, so it should please Ariel fans of both looks. Joan`s pictures quite often have a quite statuesque feel to them and that is certainly the case here when Ariel is posing on the terrace, backlit by a bright blue summer sky, the very image of a sex god!
Ariel Vanean
Ariel Vanean and Marc Ruffalo are in front of the camera today in another Summer Break art collection.
Photographer Rick Day starts us off in the shower with this sexy pair before taking them off separately for some solo pictures.
Ariel and Marc
Our model of the week this week is Ariel Vanean.  This photoshoot was the first made after his return from hiatus and the first after a period of 5 years (just in case any of you want to go and look up his older photo sessions, you will see the `Peter Pan` gene in play here fairly strongly).
The pictures are taken in Budapest by Eliot Klein.
Ariel Vanean
As a part of our December photo session specials GD has given us one of the 2 remaining sets with favorite Ariel Vanean.
Ariel has been admired by many fans ever since he came to work at BelAmi, and this set of pictures certainly adds to his outstanding collection of material.
If you want to see more of him, there are links from his model profile page here on BelAmiOnline.
Ariel Vanean
Ariel Vanean is a fantastic way to start any week and this set of images are some of the best yet.  Taken for BelAmi by Eliot Klien during our trip to Africa in 2010, Ariel is sultry, sexy and playful all at the same time.
Ariel Vanean
Kieron and Ariel are among the most compatible couples we have worked with in recent years. Shot by Marty Stevens, this session was conducted at the height of Kieron’s career at Bel Ami.
Ariel and Kieron
This photoset was done a few years ago as a possible cover for a DVD.  Both guys look a little younger than you will see in their more recent video work
Todd and Ariel
This was the first photo set we shot with Ariel.  It was done about 2 years ago, and even given Georges taste for hair cuts a little longer than this, he thought this style suits Ariel and makes him look quite sexy
Ariel and Jack got together for this shoot for the cover of Lukas Ridgeston`s new movie `Get it Up`
Ariel is a favorite with almost all of you, so we`d like to hear what you think about Jack too, with his classical Romanesque features and nice long cock
Jack Blue + Ariel Vanean