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Ennio Guardi

Ennio Guardi

We interviewed Ennio in Prague. He speaks only a little bit of English and George Duroy himself served as translator. Ennio came to Bel Ami two years ago when he was 19 years old and was quickly signed. However, George realized there wasn't enough work for him to keep him under contract. Also, he had begun to get involved in bodybuilding. "His physique would go up or down depending on whether he was preparing to compete," George says. "I never knew how he would look when I wanted to film him." Ennio was released from contract and went on to film for several other studios, which he says did not make him happy. He didn't have any money when he came to Bel Ami and afterwards he felt quite rich and on top of the world. Then he left contract and complained that he was poor again. "He wasn't actually poor, but to him it felt this way," George says. As he was growing up, Ennio thought doing porn might be interesting but he didn't have a clue about how to do it or where to go. So it remained a joke in his head and he didn't take the interest seriously. Then he came to Bel Ami and realized that it was a gay porn company. "He was sitting in our offices looking around at all the pictures of the boys on the walls and wondering what was going on," George recalls. "When I met with him and explained what we do, he was certainly taken aback. It took some time for him to come around to the idea of shooting with boys." Ennio feels it took him awhile to relax when he began shooting, as he was also camera-shy. It took some time to mentally get his mind around shooting porn, and doing it with other guys. In the end, however, he feels his early work wasn't so bad and finds it interesting to observe how he has grown and changed since then. He eventually relaxed into the process and enjoys the idea of getting paid to have sex. Beyond making money, he also now sees the benefit of such work for people who enjoy watching it. The idea of performing in front a crew, however, didn't rattle Ennio, who recalls as a child jerking off together with his cousin and taking a piss with three or four other boys in one toilet, which never bothered him as it sometimes did others. "His physical comfort with his own skin certainly translates in his performance skills," George says. Ennio has expanded his sexual horizons and rediscovered his sexuality somewhat during his time at Bel Ami. For example, he's currently looking to have a threeway or group scene in his private life, having now filmed them on-camera. George is drawn to Ennio's contrasts. "In person he looks as if he would like it rough, but in person he can be very sensual and tender," he says. "I believe this is a big part of what makes him so appealing to our customers."

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