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Kieron Athey

Kieron Athey

"Kieron and his brother filmed castings separately and without each other's knowledge. (This happens more often than people would believe.) They had been brought in by the same talent scout. Neither episode has been released until now..." Kieron has a very cute face and George Duroy is very fond of him (as are we all). However, we quickly realized that Kieron is one of those boys whose weight fluctuates very quickly. This makes shooting with him problematic because he works in a hotel restaurant! His weight can balloon up within a month. “He is very popular with our customers, but I don’t work with him as often as I would like,” George says. He is not on contract because a Bel Ami exclusive has to be physically ready to shoot at any time, and there is no predicting if Kieron’s body will be in shape (he loses weight as quickly as he gains it, but it still takes several weeks to a month to get into fighting form). “He came here convinced that he is straight,” George says, “but I believe he has rediscovered his sexuality through working with us.” Some of his very good episodes include scenes with Jacques Briere and Josh Eliot.

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Kieron and Ariel are among the most compatible couples we have worked with in recent years. Shot by Marty Stevens, this session was conducted at the height of Kieron’s career at Bel Ami.
Ariel and Kieron