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Florian Nemec

Florian Nemec

“Nemec” is a German surname, and George Duroy thinks “Florian” is rather funny, but he can’t recall how they were applied to our boy. Florian is Hungarian and his pleasant, outgoing personality reminds George of Luke Hamill. In fact, he performs the same job as Luke in Bel Ami’s office in Budapest. He prepares the models and makes sure they are ready for filming, and has proven himself indispensable as Bel Ami prepares for its newest generation of models from Hungary. George says Florian came from a troubled family and had to take care of himself from an early age. As a result, he is very independent and reliable. “Florian is very likable and easy-going, and also an archetypal top. I don’t see him bottoming for the time being. He creates a good atmosphere for the new models. They like working with him and he leaves a positive impression with them as they come into the company.”

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:17


Florian & Jean-Daniel
Todd & Florian
Miguel & Florian
Florian Nemec
Florian Nemec
Zac, Florian & Jason
Alex, Florian & Jim
Arne and Florian
Florian, Phillipe and Claude
Kevin, Florian and Yuri
Yuri and Florian
Kevin, Jim and Florian
Berlin trip
Florian and Manuel
Addicted - part 3
Addicted - part 2
Florian and Harris
Florian Nemec
Addicted - part 1
Party in Milan
Florian and Billy
Sascha and Florian
Mick and Florian
Dario and Florian
Anniversary Orgy - Pt 6
Anniversary Orgy - Pt 5
Anniversary Orgy - Pt 4
Anniversary Orgy - Pt 3
Anniversary Orgy - Pt 2
Anniversary Orgy - Pt 1
Florian and Claude
Dolph and Florian


<p>A special treat this week from our Cape Town collection is the incomparable Florian Nemec and Todd Rosset. This set of pictures was from one of our earlier trips and was taken by guest photographer, Benno Thoma. Neither guy is currently filming with us, but are still amongst our top tier models of all time.</p>
<p>Tanned, lean and beautiful, we hope you enjoys this Art Collection shoot this week</p>
Todd & Florian
Florian Nemec spent over 8 years here at BelAmi as an active model, and this photoset is one of the last things he filmed for us (we are still saving a few more things though). Florian is an easy going and very likable guy who always gives his best in front of the camera. Since finishing filming with us he has built a successful career as a DJ, both in his native Hungary and around the world and keeps in contact fairly regularly.
Florian Nemec
Florian is one of the models with the most consistent and genuine smiles.  Over the years that he has worked with s, that smile, his cheerful personality and of course his big, thick cock have earned Florian quite a substantial fan base. This set of images is from the later part of his career and were  taken in one of our studio spaces.
Florian Nemec
It`s the start of a big week for us all, and what a better way to start than with some Dolph.  Dolph and Florian to be exact.this set of images was made at the beginning of 2012 just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.
Dolph and Florian
We are back this week with some more action photos for our Friday update.  Today it is a selection made during filming of a 3way between Jim, Kevin and Florian
Jim, Florian and Kevin
Today we have a double update of action pictures for you.Jack and Roger together and also Dario and Florian
Florian, Dario, Roger and Jack