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Dolph Lambert

Dolph Lambert

Dolph Lambert combines wholesome blond good looks with down-to-earth farm boy roots, a recipe for a true Bel Ami superstar.
A music fan, he loves rock, blues, jazz and good music in general (but not hip-hop). He manages to stay on the Dean’s List of the technical university he’s attending, alongside maintaining his reputation as one of the most reliable and thorough models from the Bel Ami casting couch It is Dolph’s “undeniably naughty charm” (as George Duroy terms it) that continues to delight his fans.

For his first paycheck, he was at a crossroads on how to spend his money. He wanted a car, but it occurred to him that he could always take the train.
Dolph enjoys a good Sushi dinner when he is able to find it and he likes jogging to keep fit.

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue-Green
Hair color:Blond
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:19


Dolph Lambert
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Dolph Lambert
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Dolph Lambert
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<p>Time for a bit of a retro photoset today as we bring you one of the unreleased sets we have of the legendary Dolph Lambert.</p>
<p>This set was taken for us by Dylan Rosser in sunny Australia</p>
Dolph Lambert
Our 25th Anniversary celebration could not be complete without the inclusion of the incomparable Dolph Lambert.  For many years Dolph was the face of BelAmi with his movie star good looks, charming personality and sharp wit.  This is the final solo photo shoot that we have with him, and his final hardcore scene (a flip flop with Phillipe) will be coming to you soon.
Dolph Lambert
Hiding away in the archive we found this set of pictures of Dolph and Kevin.  The scene was originally aired in 2013 on KInkyAngels and is available also on the DVD `Kinky and Dolph`.
Dolph and Kevin
We have preview images from 2 upcoming scenes for you today.  The first set is from Marcel Gassion bottoming for Manuel Rios and the second set features Dolph and Claude.
Manuel and Marcel, Dolph and Claude
Our photo set this week is a bit of an extension from what we had last week.In last weeks video you saw some footage of Mick posing together with Dolph and Kris.  This weeks selection comes from those images and were taken for potential covers for the American Lovers DVDs.
African Photoshoot
It`s the start of a big week for us all, and what a better way to start than with some Dolph.  Dolph and Florian to be exact.this set of images was made at the beginning of 2012 just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.
Dolph and Florian
There are many special things about Dolph Lambert.  His perfect physique, his amazing good looks and his wry sense of humor are among the many things that we love about him.Spanish photographer Joan Crisol captures something else about Dolph in these images as well, something a little wilder and a little more kinky. When photographing Dolph, Crisol chose 2 distinct `looks` for him which you will see in the video of this photosession.  We chose the sporty look for you here on BelAmiOnline and the other set of pictures appear over on KinkyAngels in an episode called `Kinky and Dolph`
With Dolph and Brandon together in the feature film Lemonade, this is an unreleased photoset shot during its filming. And while all of the other material surrounding the production has already been released, this set was archived for some reason. I was happy to see these photos again not only because they embody the feel of an ideal summer, but also typify what a Bel Ami photoset ought to be.
Dolph and Brandon
This set of pictures was taken for the cover of `The Private Life of Dolph Lambert`  and was shot in the beach house in South Africa.  This is one of our best shoots with Dolph and since the only other one we have with him was from his first year we thought it time to update you with a new one.
Dolph Lambert
Todays special photo set was taken during the filming of Jean-Daniel and Dolph, as a result it is a little more hardcore than most couple photosets.  The video from this set will be coming your way next month
Dolph and Jean-Daniel
<p>This photo session was taken in the summer of 2009 in an old castle in Central Hungary. We shot two layouts in this beautiful location: one soft and one regular. This is the latter. The cover for the 'Kris & Dolph' DVD came from this session.</p>
Kris and Dolph
We have only 2 photosets of Michael this one and a solo set from more than a year ago.  There is a bit of a funny story with this guy: while he was happy to suck Dolph in front of the stills camera, he wouldn`t do it for the video camera.
Dolplh and Michael