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Yves Carradine

Yves Carradine

Yves is dreamily handsome like a fashion model; he is tall, with broad shoulders, and a fantastic, well-proportioned physique. He looks wonderful on the cover of “Out in Africa 1.” He is almost meteosexual as he pays close care to his skin, teeth and hair. George Duroy thinks that if there is a “type” that he likes, it would probably be Yves Carradine. “He has one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve seen from all my models,” George says. “And he is also one of the most positive people I’ve met. It’s almost impossible to see him in a bad mood. He is always smiling and in a good humor.” Yves was able to make good money apart from his work with Bel Ami. He works in design and construction, and remodeled George’s house some years ago. He is very thorough and has good taste in furniture, fashion, and other areas. “By now he is a very successful entrepreneur and making much more money than he ever did as a model for Bel Ami,” George says. We are still in touch with him. Sexually, he was probably bisexual. “It was a real pleasure to watch him with a woman, because he was so intense and elegant,” George recalls. “With men, he was a little bit clumsier!”

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Average
Dick size:18.5


Lukas in Love Orgy
Lukas, Ethan, Yves
Julian and Yves


It has been described as the best orgy ever filmed in gay porn, and this set of images shows us the boys and the action perfectly.  During filing the boys had to go through all their action twice, firstly for the cameramen, and then again for the stills photographer. After filming the orgy, the location was actually remodeled and this classical sauna was actually destroyed.
The full video of this orgy is coming up in a couple months.
Lukas in Love - Orgy
This photoset of Yves i from an early visit the team made to South Africa.  The pictures were taken by Marty at the Glen hotel. Yves is still in Prague these days and still looks almost the same now as then
Yves Carradine