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Tommy Hansen

Tommy Hansen

Tommy is another special case in the annals of Bel Ami. He is known for his lively and outgoing personality, as well as a truly spectacular physique. He was fond of telling the story of his father bragging that the infant Tommy had the biggest penis of any other baby boy in the maternity ward. But no one, not even George Duroy himself, suspected the mess he would create. At the height of his popularity, Tommy joined the cast of the Czech reality-television series “Big Brother,” which was a violation of his contract and contradicted the explicit wishes of George. When Tommy’s erotic modelling career was inevitably revealed on primetime television, it briefly became a national obsession to seek out his films. As a result, all of his co-stars were exposed for public examination and the deliberately low-key profile Bel Ami had maintained for years was smashed. George decided not to sue Tommy in order to avoid more tabloid drama. It was an interesting twist that the revelation of his porn career only made Tommy a bigger star. He may not have won “Big Brother” — he was initially kicked out, then brought back by producers, allowing him to finish in third place — but in the end he received all of the attention and adulation he craved. Tommy was among the most sexually talented models Bel Ami has employed over the years. As his physique suggests, he is an accomplished sportsman. For a time he was an amateur kickboxing champion. Today he owns an underwear store in Prague.

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Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:20


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It`s been several years since we had any unreleased content with Tommy Hansen on BelAmiOnline, so I`m very happy that we are finally able to bring you this classix photoset.The setting for this shoot may be a little unusual, but as we could always expect of Tommy the pictures turned out fantastically.
Tommy Hansen