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Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton

Tim was a major star for BelAmi during the 2000’s. Apart from being a favourite for many people, he was also awarded a ‘Best Actor’ award for his performance in the 2004 classic ‘Greek Holiday’.
In the decade since Tim worked for BelAmi he has continued in the industry with a series of his own websites, the latest being and has also directed and starred in some films for Falcon International.
The first time he appeared in our offices, Tim was very shy and came from a difficult family background. Both of his parents had divorced and remarried with other families, and he simply didn’t belong to either of them. George called him “a tortured blond angel.” He needed a great deal of attention and affection. Although he developed into “the perfect top” (as George says), in the beginning he was awkward and clumsy, and it would take him a long time to get used to a situation. As a bottom, he would experience the most intense anal orgasms we’ve seen in Bel Ami history. As a model, we could rely on one thing: He would always be in perfect shape and prepared to shoot.” Over time we noticed that Tim developed another side to his personality: an aspect of his personality came out that was very tough and aggressive, especially in regards to sex. “I never really pictured him that way in any of my films, but if there was one model who would be perfect for bondage or S/M, it would be him,” George says. “He certainly would not have to pretend.”

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blond
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:19


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