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Manuel Rios

Manuel Rios

Manuel Rios was one of George Duroy’s favourite models. His very first day at the Bel Ami offices coincided with a swanky party that Elton John, who was in Bratislava for a concert performance, threw for our beautiful models. (George laughs, “I think Elton came here just to be able to throw this party!”) Manuel was also invited, even though he was very new. “This really impressed him, as you can imagine,” George recalls. “It was quite a first day for him.” Manuel came from a very small village, almost a hamlet, in Northern Slovakia, and worked as a ministrant for the local church. He was known for being the cutest boy in town. In fact, his neighbours often joked that he should move to the city and become a porn star! Manuel is bisexual, and George believes he gives the best blowjobs of any of the current Bel Ami models. “He really enjoys oral sex and can deep-throat. He is good in any kind of sexual situation,” recalls George. “He is a marvellous top, but also a very good bottom. Manuel is always very horny, with instant hard-ons all the time, but he is also sweet and very reliable and handy.” George is seriously considered filming Manuel with a girl, as he believed it will be a striking performance. “He is oblivious to the gender of his partner, he doesn’t care,” George says.

Model Rating

Eye color:Dark Brown
Hair color:Dark Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:22


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Next week marks the official start of `Scandal in the Vatican 2` with Joel`s seminal solo. So, this week we thought we would replace our normal photosession and model of the week with a selection of the still images taken for the movie. Since there is so much to cover we decided to break it up into 2 parts for you. With stills from the first half of the movie on Monday and the concluding half Wednesday.  It shouldn’t be hard to guess whether Kevin gets his guardsman or not.... but the attempt is certainly entertaining.
Scandal in the Vatican: Photos preview 2
On firdays we have started to alternate some backstage footage with our regular hard core photosets, but this week it is time again to have a little peek at one of the scenes that is coming your way soon.  This time around it is Manuel Rios bottoming for Gaelan Binoche.
Manuel and Gaelan
We have preview images from 2 upcoming scenes for you today.  The first set is from Marcel Gassion bottoming for Manuel Rios and the second set features Dolph and Claude.
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This set of images come to us from the island paradise of Mykonos.   A perfect setting for 2 guys pretty close to perfection themselves
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Manuel Rios