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John Wahlberg

John Wahlberg

John Wahlberg’s success came as somewhat of a surprise to me. For two years, his photoshoot topped the rankings. I’d always liked the look of him and knew he would be popular, but I would never have guessed that he would be number one for so long. John is a Hungarian boy who speaks very good English. He first shot with us before leaving for the USA to study English. He got in touch after he returned and shot a solo where he is visibly bigger and more athletic than in his original photoset. This is still unreleased, but it’ll go out soon. He was even willing to film with us, but had applied to study at a prestigious University in Vienna. Our agreement was that if he were to be rejected he would come shoot with us, but that he wouldn’t be able to if he were offered a place. In the end, he was accepted and we were deprived of a promising model. However, whatever the outcome, John definitely earned his place in this index.

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Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick size:17
Dick type:Thick
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John Wahlberg


John Wahlberg